Rare !  Nolwenn Leroy shares a tender snapshot of her son Marin

Rare ! Nolwenn Leroy shares a tender snapshot of her son Marin

Sunday May 29, 2022, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Nolwenn Leroy stepped out of her comfort zone by sharing a photo with her son, Marin. The opportunity for Internet users to realize that the little boy has changed a lot.

Nolwenn Leroy is a happy and fulfilled mother. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Sunday May 29, 2022, the mother of the family has also shared, on her social networks, a tender shot with his son, Marin. A photograph that shows how close mother and son are. “THE BIG LOVE“, she simply indicated, accompanied by the hashtag “#Happy Mother’s Day” in English, in the caption of the photo where she is lying in the grass, smiling, with her son in her arms. Four-year-old, the little boy makes his parents happy. Internet users were delighted by this photograph and many personalities like Anne Sila, Bernard Montiel or even Caroline Costa commented on the sweet publication.

As a reminder, Marin is the fruit of the beautiful love story between Nolwenn Leroy and Arnaud Clément. The lovers make it a point of honor to protect the little boy. That is why, his face is never revealed on social networks. This time, only Marin’s hair is visible. If Nolwenn Leroy is discreet about her role as a mother, in March 2022, in the columns of Sophie Davant’s magazine, Sshe had some secrets about her son.

Nolwenn Leroy would do anything for her son, Marin

Right now, he who loves being outdoors, tells me he wants to be a ‘gardener’“, had first mentioned Nolwenn Leroy, before continuing: “Both of my parents had passion jobs. For my son, I suddenly want him to have a passion.” “If adults were more attentive, less obsessed with professional success, the assurance that their children would have a good salary […] it would be much better“, she had concluded.

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