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Michel Drucker breaks the silence and is about to talk about a case of rape of girls aged 15 and 17…

Doesn’t the friendly relationship that Michel Drucker maintains with the former prisoner Jean-Luc Lahaye distort the judgment of this great journalist? Indeed, since his friend was taken to court by the families of the alleged victims, this presenter has never ceased to proclaim the innocence of this star of the 80s. And tomorrow, he will be the guest of Nathalie Renoux on W9 to talk about it. Discover the agenda of this meeting and the other assistances in this article.

Michel Drucker will debate with other guests on W9

It is important to take a step back from the situation of the former youth idol of the 1980s. Indeed, remember that on November 5, Jean-Luc Lahaye was indicted. And the list of charges against him are heavy and quite important. Indeed, he was instigated for: rape, rape and intimate assault on minors, corruption of minors and abuse of weakness. A well-stocked file which had a considerable impact on the mind of this sexagenarian.

Following these charges, the singer of the title “Woman I love” is incarcerated in a prison. And almost 5 months later, he is released on bail and must respond to judicial controls. Indeed, since May 24, this great friend of Vincent Martin is no longer behind bars. However, the case is not closed and he is not out of the woods yet. So, to attract the attention of justice, Michel Drucker decides to take up the case.

Jean-Luc Lahaye, the fall of an idol, what really happened?

If Wednesday, June 1 will mark the beginning of suffering for all French residents, on W9, we will witness the broadcast of a new program. Indeed, Nathalie Renoux spends some time with Michel Drucker to discuss the fate of this star of the 80s. We still do not know what position he will take. However, he will not be the only one present on the set.

Indeed, on the set, we will also discover other personalities. Only, the main interested party will not speak in the program dedicated to him. For good reason, no information on the possible participation of the singer is planned. Nevertheless, his press officer, Fabien Lecoeuvre, will be one of the guests. The latter promises to defend his employer at all costs.

Michel Drucker the key journalist

Even if we still do not know the position that Michel Drucker will take in this interview session, it is possible that his opinion may influence the decisions of justice. A notorious and influential personality, this journalist with various specialties will he be able to swing the deal ? This is what we will discover in the new show.

If you want to follow the latest news on the subject, see you tomorrow at 9:05 p.m. on W9 with Nathalie Renoux, Michel Drucker, Danièle Gilbert and the artist’s representative. On the other hand, Jean-Luc’s great friend will not attend the show. What is the opinion of journalists on the case? It’s tomorrow at the end of the evening on the aforementioned channel!

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