Kalmia Prize: The Untouchable Just A Gigolo

Hard to believe Just A Gigolo can be beaten this Tuesday at Vincennes in the Kalmia price. Indeed, in this race exclusively reserved for 3-year-old colts, he should once again show that he is the leader of this generation.

It is no longer necessary to present this colt of Philippe Allaire which aligns the successes. Since the beginning of his career last September, this son of Simm Boccador and Blue Valentine won eight times in ten outings. It should be noted that he has already won some magnificent events, notably with the Criterium des Jeunes (Gr.1) but also the Prix ​​Paul Karle (Gr.2) lately. It’s a safe bet that the Kalmia price either the next title on his list.

Relive the victory of Just A Gigolo during his victory in the Prix ​​Paul Karle (Gr.2)his comeback race:

The opinion of the experts

Sebastien Brault : “I thought he won the Youth Criterium easily and found it even better when it returned to the Paul Karle Prize. I found it really impressive, even more so than in the winter. He suggests that he’s not just a precocious horse but quite simply a very good horse who probably still has a very good margin for improvement. He will be a firm favorite this Tuesday in the Kalmia price.”

Francois Avon : “He is the best of the generation at the moment, he has proven it in the Youth Criterium. He’s a horse that is able to go head and heels, that’s the mark of the very good. Personally, I prefer it over long distance. Besides, he has already been beaten at short distance. This is perhaps where it can be taken, as is the case on Tuesday. Afterwards, he was so impressive during his last attempt that we say to ourselves that he still has a margin. Now, I’m not sure if this is the horse that runs until 10 years old being the boss of his generation but currently we can’t deny that he is the leader. In the Kalmia price, I think he will win quite easily. The only one who can beat him over this distance would be Juninho Dry on a point but without much conviction.”

Kevin Baudon : “It’s a real profile”Philippe Allaire“. He’s a horse who started quite early, in September, and who immediately showed his means by being very mechanized and very professional. He has almost no false notes, he quickly took the head of his generation and brilliantly won the Youth Criterium. He really is a horse that is out of the ordinary. Afterwards, you have to know if it will last. This is the question we ask ourselves. But in any case, he has a lot of advantages: he is able to start, he is hard on the effort, he can go ahead or even wait, he really has a fairly complete range and it is stunning for a young horse. . Tuesday’s speed course doesn’t bother him at all. Besides, he’s already beaten them all so he should line up another win.”

The other runners of the Prix Kalmia (Gr.2):

Only horse to be able to boast of having already beaten Just A GigoloJuninho Dry will also be present at the start of this Kalmia price. This representative of Sebastien Guarato is a safe bet for 3-year-olds. Last time he finished second in the Paul Karle Prize behind the untouchable Just A Gigolo but this Tuesday he finds a route that he has always succeeded. It will need to be watched carefully.

Author of an almost perfect winter meeting, Jaguar Marancourt could well pull out of the game. He is absolutely not to be forgotten after his poor performance in the Paul Karle Prize since he had not had the right course.

Triple title holder, Eric Raffin will be this year at the Jakarta sulky of the Near. He will have a lot to do to achieve the quadruple. This colt will have the advantage of having already triumphed over this course of 2175 meters of the large track of Vincennes.

In addition to winning this superb race of Kalmia pricethere is this parallel challenge of succeeding in beating Just A Gigolo which is a feat. To find out if this event will occur, go to Equidia this Tuesday, May 31 at 5:03 p.m.

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