June 2022 will be VERY positive for these 2 zodiac signs

June 2022 will be VERY positive for these 2 zodiac signs

The month of May 2022 having almost come to an end, we finally have the right to say that it has been intense in terms of astrological events! With Mercury in retrograde throughout the month, a Full Blood Moon accompanied by an Eclipse and several planets in the impetuous sign of Aries, the stars have given us no respite.

The month of June 2022 promises to be much calmer with Mercury becoming direct again this Friday, June 3! You will have less difficulty communicating and misunderstandings will be less frequent. Good news to welcome the summer…

Astro June 2022: here are the main planetary movements of the month

Saturn will be retrograde for the entire month of June. This year, its retrograde will be in the sign of Aquarius, from June 4 to October 23, when it will resume its direct movement. The transits of this planet represent a time of limitation, restriction and possibly difficulty. When its movement is retrograde, it is wise to review and resolve any outstanding issues, as things tend to get delayed.

The planet Mars will be in Aries until July 26, 2022. The expression of Mars in Aries is clear, remarkable and stimulating, even a little excessive. It can incline us towards irascibility or arrogant, daring and reckless behavior, but it also gives a lot of energy and courage to take initiatives.

Venus passes through the sign of Taurus from May 29 to June 23. This planet, also called the “beneficial minor”, represents the principle of attraction and fusion, the joy of living and the feelings of gentleness and conviviality. Its energy is associated with relationships of all kinds, aesthetics, pleasure, sex, and our internal values. Taurus being one of the signs it rules, everything related to this planet will be in harmony.

Horoscope: which astro signs will have a great month of June 2022?

The signs of Libra and Gemini will have a good month of June 2022. They will receive the transit of Saturn in a favorable angle, which is not the case for all the signs of the zodiac. Here are our predictions for these two air signs.


The sun in your sign until June 21 illuminates you and makes you shine. You excel in your field and you find the best way to solve problems.

Saturn’s retrograde won’t affect you to a great extent, and direct Mercury in your sign from June 13 gives you an advantage over other signs in expressing yourself with accuracy and intelligence.


Your charm will be increased tenfold by the position of Venus in Taurus, the other sign under its control. You will see your self-esteem increase. Your seduction capital will be your number one asset, and you can set off to conquer your romantic targets without hesitation. Your patience will pay off in your work and in the financial aspect.

Spring comes to an end on June 21, 2022 with the summer solstice which will take place on June 21 with the sign of Cancer. Temperatures are rising, but the planets have decided not to confuse us too much before summer.

Thank you stars!

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