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in Roye (Haute-Saône), he won €1,000,000 at the restaurant

A Euromillions My Million player became richer than rich during the evening of May 6, 2022. If these numbers played were of no help to him, it was his My Million code that brought luck to this player. Haute-Saône which ticked its gate in the town of Roye. In the middle of dinner at the restaurant, this lucky man discovered via the FDJ app that he had just won the sum of 1 million euros, zoom in on this incredible story!

Euromillions My Million draw of May 6: result in detail

May 6 draw involved a huge jackpot of 195 million euros, the biggest of this year 2022 which was finally won by a British player for a gain of 215 million euros. But during this evening, none of the millions of grids played in Europe managed to win the jackpot, the winning numbers 3 24 8 18 40 and the stars 1 and 13 were not found. None of these grids was lucky, except that of a player from Haute-Saône who, in Roye, benefited from the My Million parallel draw to see his life changed.

The winning code UZ 615 4334 has been drawn, this My Million raffle draw takes place exclusively between French Euromillions players and guarantees 1 million euros for each draw on Tuesday and Friday evening.

The winning grid was checked off at the Tabac/Press Loto “Le Baccara” located at 10 rue de la Verrerie in Roye.

Tobacco Press: The Baccarat of Roye (Haute-Saône)

My Million: winner at Roye, he discovers his wealth during his dinner

Here’s a meal this player won’t soon forget! On the evening of May 6, 2022, comfortably installed in a restaurant, he decided to check the winning Euromillions numbers from the FDJ app by directly scanning his QR Code.

At that moment, this future millionaire who is still unaware of himself says to himself: “The evening is already beautiful, it could become even more so”. He didn’t really think so since the scan of his Euromillions game receipt showed him an astronomical gain of 1 million euros! If none of these Euromillions numbers matched the winning combination, the My Million code was used to win the full €1,000,000 bi-weekly.

This player now only has to wait for the payment of his winnings and for that, he has found a rather special hiding place.

A secret cache with the VHS of family memories

As soon as he learned of his winnings, this lucky guy called his mum right away to share his happiness, but above all to have her come and collect this famous Grail and put it in a safe place until the evening was over.

During all the time that separated this winner from his payment, the winning game receipt was hidden in a VHS box made up of family memories, a beautiful family image to celebrate a turning point in the life of this player from Roye.

Chance in 2022: already 6 millionaires in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Each year, the My Million raffle rewards more than 100 French players who become millionaires any minute! In all French regions, winning codes are thus drawn for prizes of 1 million euros each time. If we combine these figures with Euromillions and Lotto winners, we arrive at more than 150 players who become millionaires in a year, without exception for this current year 2022.

Since January 1, 6 players from the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region have already become millionaires (5 My Million €1,000,000 winners and 1 Loto winner of €8 million in the Jura).

  • 🏆 February 22: €1,000,000 was won in Montceau-les-Mines in Saône-et-Loire.
  • 🏆 March 11: €1,000,000 was won in Houtaud in the Doubs.
  • 🏆 March 18: €1,000,000 was won in Appoigny in Yonne.
  • 🏆 March 29: €1,000,000 won in Héricourt in Haute-Saône.
  • 🏆 May 2: €8,000,000 won at the Loto in Saint-Laurent en Grandvaux in the Jura.
  • 🏆 May 6: €1,000,000 won in Roye in Haute-Saône.

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