how to choose the right one for your company?

how to choose the right one for your company?

Choosing professional insurance appropriate to the field of activity is a top priority when setting up a business. But you have to ask yourself how to choose one that covers all the risks.

Professional insurance not only protects the company and its personnel, but also the premises and property. But the choice of cover can have a big impact on the whole life of the company. Find out here what you need to know to choose the right formula.

Which cover to choose for your business?

Occupational hazards are inevitable for any business. To protect yourself from any unpleasant surprises, you must choose the insurance that suits the types of business activities. To do this, it is imperative to carry out an assessment of the risks involved. In addition, any resulting financial charges must be calculated.

Then, you have to select between the different insurances that correspond to the needs of the companies. Among these are:

  • Liability insurance for companies : It covers the damage that the company or its employees cause to third parties.
  • Legal protection: It makes it possible to finance the legal expenses incurred during conflicts with a third party and to call on the services of lawyers.
  • Business interruption insurance: It aims to compensate the company for the consequences of a partial or complete cessation of activity following a disaster.
  • Property insurance: This business insurance is designed for equipment such as computer equipment, car fleets or furniture.
  • Cyber-attack: This cover makes it possible to deal with damages ranging from loss of equipment to computer hacking.
  • Multi-risk insurance: It includes various insurances such as business interruption, legal cover, inventory and property insurance.

How to choose the right insurer?

In addition to determining the most appropriate type of insurance during business creation, it is also necessary to choose your insurer. This promising sector has many players.


They constitute intermediaries between companies and insurance companies. Brokers register and compare the needs and offers of companies. Then they discuss with customers before negotiating with insurers.

Online insurance comparators

They rank the best offers according to their price, while indicating their main characteristics. This allows the company to decide which quotes they want to receive and whether they want to be put in contact with the insurer.


Bankers sometimes offer insurance services through their direct or indirect partnerships with insurers.

The cost of professional insurance

After obtaining the various quotes, they must be carefully examined. Not all contracts provide identical coverage. Indeed, there are some who offer additional options or who rule out particular situations.

Thus, the price of a professional insurance depends on different criteria such as the field of activity, the number of employees, the turnover of the company, the type of contract adopted. Finally, you should know that choosing an online insurance over a traditional one allows you to benefit from better prices.

Thus, those who plan to create their own business are undoubtedly aware of the need to take out professional insurance. This is the best way to control the risks inherent in the activity and to protect property in particular.

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