Frédérick (Married at first sight) "disgusted" by Emilie: revelations about his behavior off

Frédérick (Married at first sight) “disgusted” by Emilie: revelations about his behavior off

Nothing was going between Emily (34-year-old real estate negotiator) and Frederick (40-year-old real estate agent). Despite their 84% compatibility, the two candidates made the decision to divorce as M6 viewers discovered during the episode of Married at first sight 2022 of May 30. A situation on which Frédérick very quickly expressed himself.

It was on their last wedding night in Prague that the first argument broke out over a simple dance. Frédérick wanted to prank his wife by dancing in a beaver pilou-pilou and it backfired. Emilie doubted his sincerity and asked him if he was in the program to make the buzz. An unfounded questioning for the dad of Amber (14 years old). “In this experience, I knew that I could meet a sincere woman but I might as well be confronted with a woman who is just looking to make the buzz to bounce back later. So I was suspicious and observant. With my daughter, I’m used to decoding non-verbal language and I have a good understanding of human behavior. With Émilie, I had doubts and I had discussed it off camera with her. When I told her my joke, she turned those doubts against me wondering if I was doing this joke for the buzz. It blocked me“, he confided to TV Magazine.

Despite their big argument, they ended up patching things up. Thus, Frédérick went to Emilie’s in Paris. But the disputes resumed even more when he returned to his home in Hyères. They asked for help from expert Estelle Dossin. But at that time, the father of the family had little hope: “Emilie had openly disrespected me and something had snapped inside me. There had been words off. Having a strong character does not justify differences in language“, he said. He notably explained that one day, they had to cancel a shoot because Lina (1 year), Emilie’s daughter, had to go to the emergency room the day before. And the charming brunette reportedly blamed him for breaking the news a little too kindly to the production.”She started telling me that I was doing the lamb, that I was not a man and that I had no balls because she found that I had lacked firmness with the production. Because she, during the day, had also contacted the film crews to ask the same thing but with more aggressiveness“, he recalled.

The masks are falling

Emilie would also have repeated to him several times that Lina was not his daughter and that she therefore had nothing to say to him concerning his education. She would also have violently criticized Frédérick with his family: “She had her mother on the phone and told her in front of me that I was not a man, that I had no balls, that I was a manipulator, that I was playing the lamb with the production…“So he took his things and made the decision to leave. It was only for the announcement of their desire to divorce that they found each other. And once again, the young woman would have insulted him. “I was disgusted. Emilie made me lose my smile and my joie de vivre‘, he concluded.

On Instagram, Frédérick also did not spare her, specifying that she was very self-centered and spent her time complaining to attract attention. He then regretted that during the filming, Emilie was not really ready to invest in a relationship.

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