Emilie (Married at first sight 2022) and Frédérick divorced, place for war: "I will never get back together with him"

Emilie (Married at first sight 2022) and Frédérick divorced, place for war: “I will never get back together with him”

Married at first sight 2022 : “We are on very bad terms” admits Emilie, divorced from Frédérick

In episode 10 of Married at first sight 2022, broadcast this Monday, May 30 on M6, Emilie and Frédérick announced their divorce. Experts Estelle Dossin and Patrick de Sutter tried to patch up the candidates for season 6 of MAPR, without success. After their wedding in Gibraltar, which went well, Emilie and Frédérick argued during their honeymoon in Prague, Czech Republic. If a clash between Emilie and Frédérick was not broadcast on the show, other clashes were shown.

Emilie, who had given her version of a clash with Frédérick, returned to their divorce with TV Mag: “Our divorce is administratively recorded. We no longer have any contact, we are on very bad terms. I had taken the step of coming back to him but he was still in control, paranoia and malevolence”. A definitive break.

“When I see the excessive behavior he has, even today, with me, I tell myself that it is a very good thing that he is no longer in my life. I will never get back with him, he is the exact opposite of what I’m looking for” added the candidate of Married at first sight 2022. Has she found love again? No, for the moment Emilie is focusing on her daughter Lina: “I’m moving forward with my daughter who is now 16 months old. I’ve found my happiness with Lina and I’m no longer looking for a spouse at all. I still want a life as a couple and have another child. But I allow myself time to heal my inner wounds”.

The candidate of MAPR balance : “Emilie made me lose my smile and my joie de vivre”

Frédérick also gave his version to TV Mag on his divorce with Emilie. “One evening, I was waiting to hear from her because she was coming home late and I got worried. Calling her, she answered me with the voice of someone who had fallen asleep and she turned telling me that she was not accountable to anyone. And if there is one thing that I hate, it is that they hang up on me, I interpret it as a refusal of communication” he confided.

For him, there would be several reasons for their separation: “these repeated outbursts of anger”, “she repeated to me several times that Lina was not my daughter and that I therefore had nothing to say to her (…) and it was unacceptable to hear that”, “finally she got her mother on the phone and told her in front of me that I was not a man, that I had no balls, that I was a manipulator, that I was playing the lamb with the production … (…) It was unacceptable to hear him talk about me to his mother like that. I took my things and left.”.

However, the candidate MAPR believed in a possible reconciliation during the filmed reunion: “It had been a week since we had spoken. It felt like on our wedding day in Gibraltar, I still had that little hope of starting from scratch. But I quickly realized that she was not here to fix things”. “When I told her about her lack of respect (…) she replied: ‘But what are you talking about Fred? Why are you lying?’ From there, I got up, I said production that it was no longer possible, I took off my wedding ring, I put it on the table and I was about to leave when she insulted me again. She told me in front of the cameras that I was a big jerk and that I should be ashamed… I was disgusted” he concluded, “Emilie made me lose my smile and my joie de vivre”.

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