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Alain Delon: his sensational revelations about Romy Schneider, his great deceased love

Their story began in 1958. This is the year they first met. Romy Schneider, an actress of German origin, makes the man who will later become her fiancé fall under her spell. It was during the filming of the movie Christine.

A few months later, they got engaged while on a romantic trip to Italy. They were subsequently nicknamed, by the whole world, “the fiancés of Europe”. Alain Delon returned, during an interview with the JDD, to the death of his great love. It was May 29, 1982. She was only 43 years old. The interview took place on May 28, 2022.

The moving anecdote of Alain Delon

During the interview, the dad of Anthony Delon, explains the reason for his absence at the funeral of his former fiancée.

“She was my first big love. I didn’t want to be the target of photographers, it was voyeurism. I went to meditate at her grave a few days later, to be alone with her, without anyone. On the other hand, I went to watch her at her house. I wrote him a letter, which I have often read on television since. “, he said.

Moved, he goes on to say:

“I took a photo of her dead on her bed, which I keep in my wallet: Romy looks like she’s in a deep sleep, she’s beautiful. I watch it often…”

The photo is therefore for him a way to keep an eternal memory of his great love.

An unexpected breakup

Alain Delon, as a reminder, is the actor of the film Sois belle et tais-toi. He fell in love with another woman and decided to break up with Romy Schneider. It was a brutal shock for the latter. She who had just returned from a trip, not expecting such a sudden break. The pretty blonde saw nothing coming.

It is in a letter that she discovers that her fiancé is leaving her for another. A woman called Nathalie (Francine Canovas). She is the only woman Delon married and had a child with her. They divorced in 1969. It was Bernard Pascuito, one of Sissi’s star biographers, who revealed the story.

“Romy had gone abroad. When she returns to Paris, she joins him in their apartment, and there on the living room table there is a bouquet of flowers, and a note: “Reason forces me to say goodbye to you. We lived through our marriage before we got married. Our profession would deprive us of any chance of survival… don’t be mistaken about the color of these flowers: they are not black roses. I give you back your freedom by leaving you my heart. I left with Nathalie. Forgive me. Alain”, said the biographer.

The other love stories of Alain Delon

Alain Delon also had a love affair with another woman, Rosalie Van Breemen. Alain-Fabien (born in March 1994) is the fruit of this love. They also had a daughter named Anouchka. She was born in 1990, on November 25. His relationship with Rosalie ended in 2001.

Many were the conquests of Alain Delon. Among these was another German actress by the name of Nico. The story would have happened during his relationship with Romy Schneider. She gave birth to a son that Delon did not recognize as his. In 2019, Christian Aaron, known as Ari, sued Delon for recognition of paternity.

Delon also had a story with two women at the same time. One of them was Maddly Bamy. A dancer and actress from Guadeloupe whom he met while filming the film La Piscine. And the other was called Mireille Darc. This triangular relationship was the inspiration for the 1969 film The Love Mates. Mireille Darc played an important role in this film. Bamy ended this relationship to become Jacques Brel’s last campaign.

In 1960, Alain Delon also had a story with Dalila. They met in Paris in 1955 and became friends. They lived in the same building on the Champs-Élysées.

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