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Alain Delon at the end of his life: he makes sad confidences about his state of health, 3 years after his stroke

Who does not know Alain Delon? Especially if we are fans of French cinema. For several years, the actor has been suffering and no longer has the taste for life. He confided his vision of the world recently in the Journal du dimanche. In this article, we will reveal to you what the French star is going through at the moment as well as her desire to live in peace.

Alain Delon’s state of health

Fans who follow Alain Delon closely know that he had a stroke in 2019. Following this, he was urgently admitted to the American hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Indeed, the actor had cerebral hemorrhage. Which forced him to stay in the hospital bed for several months to recover. After that, Anhony Delon, his son, shared reassuring news about his father.

He said: “He is doing like a charm. Look, he’s reading his morning paper, he’s in a rush. Anthony added that his father also watched and commented on Macron’s speech on TV. And at the same time, he was reading the catalog of the Romy Schneider exhibition. If you follow Anthony Delon, he posted a video with his dad sitting in a park. Both showed radiant smiles and enjoyed the time spent between father and son.

He thinks of his dead friends

This moment with his son reassured the actor’s fans. Yet, you can see from what he said that he is not well: “I feel pretty good even though I’m tired and walking with a cane.” Alain Delon added in the columns of the Journal of May 29: “We know where we are going and how it ends”. In addition, the departure of his friends weakens it even more.

In the Journal, Alain Delon quoted Jean-Paul Belmondo, Romy, Mireille Darc and also Nathalie Delon. Apart from that, he said, “All the women in my life are gone too.” At the moment, he only has Brigitte Bardot left. They have a very strong bond and talk to each other often to catch up on each other: “We often chat, a bit like two old idiots who talk about what they’ve known and gone through! “. Sometimes they argue about who will be the first to go. All this with humor of course.

Alain Delon no longer wants to live

In his large 55-hectare villa in Douchy, Alain Delon lives alone with his animals. He likes to enjoy nature, calm and rest. Moreover, he said: “I do not receive many people”. On the other hand, he is not cut off from the world since he follows the news by reading the press daily. And the news in this world sickens him “What’s happening doesn’t make me happy, it’s a chain of sinister news”.

Indeed, he was able to see the main lines and there are only scandals, rapes and killings of children. Alain Delon even said that the world is not happy. This is why he no longer has no desire to stay on earth “I find that life has become unbearable, it no longer appeals to me”. For his part, the actor is not afraid of death but he does not want to suffer. He said, “I don’t want to end up in a hospital bed.”

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