A video of Tom Cruise losing his temper in the middle of an interview resurfaces

A video of Tom Cruise losing his temper in the middle of an interview resurfaces

17 years ago, the actor lost his temper against journalist Peter Overton on the show “60 Minutes”. A sequence that has since resurfaced on social networks.

“You are overstepping the bounds now,” asserts Tom Cruise. In 2005, the actor lost his temper on the show “60 Minutes”, facing journalist Peter Overton. Seventeen years later, the footage resurfaced on social media, via the @responsiblerob Twitter account, on Friday, May 27.

It has since been viewed more than 2.2 million times. We see Tom Cruise, visibly furious, staring at his interlocutor during a question and answer session. “Nicole (Kidman, the actor’s ex-wife, editor’s note) was she the love of your life?” asks Peter Overton. “What do you mean, Peter? replies Tom Cruise. How can we answer this question?”

“You are overstepping the bounds”

An exchange that continues in a tense climate. “But Nicole was an important part of your life, and the love of your life at the time?” asks the presenter. “I loved him a lot, there’s no doubt,” agrees the actor, while fixing the journalist with a piercing gaze. Peter Overton then asks him if he would like his ex-wife to remarry. “Yes, I want Nicole to be happy,” says Tom Cruise irritably.

Before losing his temper: “Listen, Peter, you’re going overboard now,” he says calmly. You know that very well. Peter, you’re the one who wants to know all this.” And the actor to continue: “Assume responsibility. Don’t pretend these are other people’s questions. This is a conversation I have with you right now. I just ask you to respect the rules of propriety.

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“I would be afraid for my life”

After which the reporter apologizes to the hero of Impossible mission (1996). A video in which the actor appears “terrifying”, according to many Internet users. “I would be scared for my life,” wrote @armonz2408, showing his empathy for the host. “I can’t even imagine if this man spoke to me in this way, outbids another Internet user. I would start crying. He’s so scary.” To which a third adds: “He is literally terrifying without even screaming once.”

In 2020, Peter Overton returned to this interview on the show “The Kyle and Jackie O Show”. “I just stayed myself, and I didn’t get angry, explained Peter Overton. He did. I just thought that was a good question.” Before adding: “I don’t blame Tom.” The exchange also does not appear to have impacted the career of Tom Cruise, whose last film Top Gun: Maverick (2022), grossed more than $156 million (€145 million) at the box office over the weekend of May 28.


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