10 trends to follow in 2022

10 trends to follow in 2022

In a world that has become mobile first, what are the novelties around applications?

Trend n°1: The return of mobile applications
The app economy has not experienced the crisis and many players are re-investing heavily in apps that have become omnichannel: Both digital flagship, offering the best experience to the best customers, but also an essential tool for an enhanced shopping experience and contactless in store.

Trend n°2: The arrival of super apps
Exit the “one app = one use”. Make way for “super apps” that combine several features. The objective: to multiply the uses to avoid uninstallation and above all to become the platform that aggregates a multitude of services around its core business!

Trend n°3: Instant apps are growing

Use an app without downloading it? This is now possible with Instant App or App Clip. Ideal for streamlining mobile experiences: Unlocking a scooter or a gas pump is done via a QR code or NFC. Authentication, payment and loyalty program are automatically driven by the OS.

Trend n°4: Morphism is taking shape
After the flat design imposed by Microsoft and Google, the UI of mobile apps regains consistency thanks to relief effects, layers or gradients. Called neumorphism or glassmorphim, this design trend is making its mark on blinds.

Trend n°5: Conversational design
Micro-animations, sounds, haptic feedback, the interface dialogues with the user via “feedbacks” aimed at guiding him and creating a real conversation. A real good way to make the interface alive.

Trend n°6: With contactless

The health crisis will have had the effect of democratizing the QR code but also of bringing out new shopping experiences with live shopping or the virtual visit of the store in augmented reality. The phygital and contactless customer journey becomes a reality.
Trend n°7: Research is hybridizing

With image recognition, research offers a direct link between the physical and digital worlds. Showcases, magazines or passers-by, the purchasing opportunities multiply via this search, which makes the product instantly accessible.

Trend n°8: Eco-design
Beyond the dark mode, it is necessary to adopt a design taking into consideration the impacts of digital on the planet. Eco-design, a new indicator to follow in the performance of a service?

Trend n°9: Human by design

Consuming less energy, applications are on the other hand becoming more accessible and more respectful of privacy. Inclusivity and “privacy by design” will also be performance indicators.

Trend n°10: Meta-intermediation

The choice is complex: Benefit from the power of audience hubs such as marketplaces (Amazon, Booking, Deliveroo, etc.) or social networks, but lose control over your visibility and customer knowledge… Nike and Lush have recently made the choice to regain control of their digital experience.

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