what are the future developments for the marketing sector?

what are the future developments for the marketing sector?

In the summer of 2021, Salesforce surveyed 8,227 marketers around the world. The survey was carried out in B2B and B2C companies. The report classifies respondents into three categories: companies least satisfied with their marketing performance (15%), completely satisfied companies with very good results (14%) and companies with average performance (72%). By downloading this e-book, you will discover that marketers are rather confident in the future and that they are moving away from the “return to normal” by creating new paths focused on innovation, digital transformation and telecommuting.


The increasingly central marketing function

The changes in the field of marketing have never been more dazzling than since the COVID-19 crisis. The Salesforce whitepaper shows that all marketers are rethinking everything from the channels they use to their definition of success. In this regard, Petco’s CMO states that ” the speed of change seen over the past year has allowed us to reach new levels of marketing innovation “. Here are the main parts of this white paper, free to download:

  • Changes in marketing strategies and priorities
  • The current state of digital transformation and its future trajectory
  • Trends in marketing data management
  • The changes in collaboration following the massive adoption of telework

Marketing professionals say they are optimistic about the many changes they are going through. 66% of respondents say they expect their company’s revenue to grow over the next 12-18 months. Very interesting statistic: 77% of marketers believe that their work brings more value today than a year ago. With the advent of digital, the marketing function is now even more central than before.

In the same category

Contextual targeting reconciles consumers with advertising

The switch to all-digital intensifies marketing

Indeed, according to the study carried out by Salesforce: the rapid and significant migration to digital channels, which will continue in the long term, is at the heart of changing customer expectations. 61% of customers believe they are spending more time online after the pandemic than before “. Logically, customer expectations and uses influence the evolution of digital strategies. New technologies are emerging and tools are becoming more democratic: 83% of respondents say their work will be more technology-focused following the pandemic.


The proof: the adoption of artificial intelligence by marketers seems to follow that of their customers. In its e-book, Salesforce states that: “ 60% of customers agree to use AI to improve their experiences” and that “60% of marketers have a fully defined AI strategy “. With a focus on process automation and personalization, marketers are experimenting with different use cases. Don’t forget to download the white paper to discover all the trends.

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