this essential storage box at a bargain price is a hit!

As we know, Lidl has a strong ability to create surprise with products that often create buzz! More and more customers like the King of Discount which adapts to the needs of all consumers.

A very practical storage box

Thus, Lidl knows how to please its regulars and those who do not have a lot of purchasing power! It’s a real pleasure to cross the shelves of Lidl points of sale while really having fun. For the summer season, you must have already seen the parasol offered at 29 euros by Lidl, the barbecue or the sun creams signed Cien.

This time, Lidl has thought about home storage, which is often lacking. You will love for this beautiful and very practical storage chest. No more excuses for not putting your stuff away! Whether you put it in the garden or in the house, it will find its place with elegance in the decor of your interior.

An elegant and practical accessory!

We often wonder where to store trinkets or garden tools. It’s not simple. So the Lidl storage chest is made for you. Perfect on a terrace, it will fit very well into the decor while being a real advantage for interior or exterior design. Its price will also make you very happy!

No need to spend crazy sums on a very bulky piece of furniture. Thus, the safe offered by Lidl is priced at 29.99 euros. An unbeatable price! It will help you to arrange your indoor or outdoor space and protect garden tools from the rain. You can also choose to place plants on it to beautify your space.

This chest is sober and adapts to all styles of decoration. Its bohemian side will appeal to fans of chic design. A vintage and very elegant appearance, it will not go unnoticed by your friends and your family. It has been available in Lidl stores since May 27, 2022! This is the right ideal! Its capacity is approximately 270 liters and it measures 117 x 56 x 45 centimeters.

It moves easily from one place to another with its small wheels. In addition to being economical, it also thinks about the Earth! It is made of 100% recycled plastic. It is UV and rain resistant. At this price, Objeko advises you to rush.

Lidl, a brand that is a hit!

For years, Lidl’s marketing teams have been able to implement a formidable strategy to talk about the German brand. Thus, regularly, the supermarket chain sells popular products at very low prices. This was the case, for example, for a pair of shoes or a game console.

The products sold out quickly in stores. Customers analyze the prices on the net and see that what is sold by Lidl is interesting. The household budget is increasingly reduced so when a store offers this kind of operation, success is there. There are often big queues and customers share videos about it.

Lidl sponsors sporting events. This is the case of the Handball or cycling championships. Recently, Lidl wanted to change its positioning. For a long time, the brand was associated with Discount. But the brand has a renewed image and the chain of stores has managed to move upmarket and attract new customers.

A small revolution. Objeko is used to giving you good deals from Lidl all year round. It must be said that he often has great finds. The question of purchasing power has become an essential issue for many consumers. Today, the French men and women analyze prices very precisely.

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