the very rich clashes of Ruben Östlund

the very rich clashes of Ruben Östlund

The festival ends in style thanks to the coronation of Without filterin which the Swedish director makes fun of the failings of the wealthy.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon watches, it seems, the trailer on a loop. The jury crowned Saturday evening, during the closing ceremony, the Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund, who makes fun of the ridiculousness of the wealthy. In Without filter, he more specifically enjoys reversing the balance of power between employees and their wealthy clients during a cruise. The feature film finds an amusing echo on this Croisette, where agents in white gloves welcome the actors on the red carpet and where the Indian star Deepika Padukone has an employee to carry her handbag. The Marxist captain played by Woody Harrelson could give them ideas.

After having posed with a certain know-how in front of the photographers, Andie McDowell showed a closed face during the ceremony. Because his daughter Margaret Qualley was seeking the female award? Javier Bardem looked like a Mexican variety singer. Korean Park Chan-wook received the Best Director Award for Decision To Leave . The film team strongly applauded their compatriot Song Kang-ho, winner of the best actor award for his role in Our lucky stars from Japanese Kore-eda. The general level of the speeches was close to that of the sea. In the prize list, the donkeys took the lion’s share. Jerzy Skolimowski named everyone who starred in Eo (ex aequo jury prize). The Polish director will release death in the ass from Without filter : a mule is stoned to death there by starving ex-haves. Other equines also frolic in The Eight Mountainsby Charlotte Vandermeersch and Felix Van Groeningen (ex aequo jury prize).

Audience record

A press conference awaits the winning teams after the ceremony. The stainless Didier Allouche asks the questions. Vincent Lindon, who was not lacking in humor during the evening, reiterates the pleasure he had in working with this jury: “There was not one word higher than the other. I learned from them how to analyze a film.” Same testimony for the director Joachim Trier who assures “have to revise their workin the light of what he has learned over the past fortnight. The Swedish-Egyptian Tarik Saleh, his prize for best screenplay in hand, then explains that the Western world must understand what is at stake in the Arab world concerning Islam. To tell the story of the power struggle between religious and political Boy from Heaventhe director had to silence “the censorship that was in [sa] head.»

The evening on France 2, a record since 2013, was watched by 3.23 million viewers. Its realization required thirteen cameras and a hundred people, from sound engineers to cameramen. “France Télévisions has put in big resources. This first year will give them many good ideas for the future.“, assures the project manager Didier Froehly.

The sky of Truman Show displayed on the Palais des Festivals has already disappeared. Two girls with dubious blonde hair take pictures of themselves in front of the Gucci window. Restaurant owners will be able to lower the prices of their dishes. The one hundred and fifty taxis in the city now idle do not despair: the trade fairs resume in June. At Nice airport, a few drowsy festival-goers. A pot-bellied Russian sports a jewel in the shape of a Hebrew letter covered in diamonds. He looks like that oligarch from Without Filter who, having made his fortune thanks to fertilizer, laughingly proclaims:I sell shit!»


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