Les 12 coups de Noël : Bruno est absent du numéro spécial, pourquoi ?

the new life of the ex-champion of Jean-Luc Reichmann unveiled!

He will remember October 5, 2021 for a long time. After 252 participations and more than one million euros in winnings, Bruno had been eliminated from the 12 strokes of noon. He was an exceptional champion who broke the record of Christian Quesada, he had been defeated by his challenger Loris.

What becomes of Bruno?

Everything had been played out during a Fatal Blow, to the question: ” In France under the Fourth Republic, what was the title of the head of government? The champ had the answer, “ President of the council », but he hadn’t been able to give it because he had run out of time. A blow for the experienced participant, who was able to console himself with an XXL gain. But what becomes of the TF1 game champion?

While he will soon be on television, since he will be on France 2 on June 4, 2022 in the invincible club, he has agreed to give his news via Télé Star. The opportunity to say what he did with his winnings but also how has his life changed since he took part in the famous TF1 game.

Her luxurious new life

During his participation in Jean-Luc Reichmann’s game, he was fired from the advertising department of the Eurosport channel, for which he worked as a researcher. Thanks to the money earned on TF1, he was able to rebuild his life by investing in real estate. ” It gives me time to think about what’s next. It’s a luxury “, he says in the magazine TV Star. In addition, he also realized one of his dreams: to go to the Disneyland theme park in Orlando, United States.

A journey that he made with his cousin and his girlfriend and that he “adored “. Regarding his daily life, Bruno specifies that he has not changed since his participation in the entertainment of TF1. Sometimes he gets arrested in the street, but it is a pleasure for him to meet those who have followed his journey for months. “I am not Madonna, there is no hysteria around me”, he laughs.

Bruno, an emblematic candidate

The opportunity to come back to Bruno’s journey. He was born on May 29, 1991. He grew up with a military father, then after the separation of his parents, when he was three years old, with a stepfather who did the same job. He will spend his childhood moving according to the affections of his stepfather. When he was fifteen, the whole family went to the Toulouse region.

During confinement, he watches The 12 strokes of noon, that his family follows with passion. He decides to pass the selections in order to take part in the TF1 game. He knows a little about the world of game shows, because he took part, with a colleague, in the show, No one had thought of it hosted in France by Cyril Féraud. The two men earn 12,500 euros.

Having passed the selection, he joined the game on January 20, 2021. On January 29, he shone when he discovered, with 50 spaces left, the name of the personality hidden behind the famous mysterious star. Thus, it multiplies victories and winnings. On August 3, 2021, he accumulated 188 victories, 810,995 euros and 7 mysterious stars. On October 5, 2021, he was beaten after 252 participations, 1,026,107 euros in winnings and prizes. In April 2021, he was fired from the Eurosport advertising department.

The program hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann is followed every day by thousands of people. It must be said that the host has many assets to keep the public spellbound. This game also allows you to test your general knowledge. It is firmly installed in the landscape. In addition, the host often communicates with his fans on social networks to maintain the link.

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