the anger of the president of Seine-Saint-Denis

the anger of the president of Seine-Saint-Denis

Sports Minister points finger at UEFA and Liverpool

Amélie Oudéa-Castera, Ministry of Sports, deplored a lack of supervision of English supporters by Liverpool having participated, according to her, in the excesses before the final of the Champions League.

She also points to UEFA’s decision to accept the issuance of paper tickets, as requested by Liverpool. “They accepted that there was no exclusive recourse to the mobile application which had to be used” which generates “tamper-proof, non-transferable tickets”. “Liverpool requested that there be no use of this mobile application, UEFA accepted and created a circuit of paper tickets which created overflows.”

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Beyond ticket management, the minister regrets the lack of supervision of supporters by the English club, compared to two from Real Madrid. “No problem, she notes. The fact that Real has so supervised the coming of its supporters to Paris by providing buses from the airport, to organize everything from one point to another – which contrasts radically with the Liverpool club which left its supporters in the wild – created a major difference.”

Incidents at the Stade de France: “The generating event is the counterfeit tickets”, according to the Interior

Camille Chaize, spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, assures in “Apolline Matin” this Monday on RMC and RMC Story that the origin of the incidents at the Stade de France on Saturday evening is linked to fake tickets sold to Liverpool supporters.

“The triggering fact is these fake tickets sold en masse to English supporters, assures the spokesperson for the Interior. Afterwards, the pre-filters were dropped for some to avoid crowd movements, because we know that it can lead to injuries or even tragedies, as a few years ago in Belgium. The choice was made to favor the entry of people who perhaps did not have tickets. And inside, there were supporters , but not only. There were also a number of opportunistic offenders, who wanted to assault or steal.”

Gérald Darmanin, the Interior Ministry, directly blamed British supporters for the situation on Saturday evening at the Stade de France, in a tweet. Was he right? “It was not a mistake, believes Camille Chaize. It was the generating event. The initial problem is this existence of counterfeit notes in a generalized way. When you buy on the black market, good faith is relative. Why were there so many paper tickets? Apparently it was a request from the Liverpool club.”

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The anger of the president of Seine-Saint-Denis

Stéphane Troussel, president of Seine-Saint-Denis (PS), the department where the Stade de France is located, expressed his anger over the dysfunctions in the organization of the Champions League final on Saturday.

“I have never seen such disorganization around the Stade de France, he denounced on France Info, this Monday. This is not the first time that there have been major events around the Stade de France The Stade de France has existed in Saint-Denis for 24 years and this is the third Champions League final to be held there (after 2000 and 2006, editor’s note) and I have never seen such a level disorganization. I am very angry, I do not want Saine Saint-Denis and its inhabitants to be the scapegoats for this disorganization. I demand a rapid, transparent, in-depth investigation into these dysfunctions, this disorganization. “

What type of inquiry: parliamentary, judicial? “We will find the formula, specifies the president of the department. There must be transparency. What happened? What happened to the absence of pre- filtering or a sufficiently developed pre-filtering?”

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Info BFMTV – Massive fake ticket fraud in the Champions League final: the Paris Police Prefect seizes the prosecutor

BFMTV has obtained a note from the Paris police chief addressed to the Ministry of the Interior concerning the incidents at the Stade de France on Saturday evening. He informs to seize the public prosecutor for the opening of an investigation on the “massive fraud with counterfeit tickets”.

In addition, the prefect of police considers that the “device put in place ensured the essentials: to allow the smooth running of the match and guarantee the safety of the festivities without deaths or serious injuries”.

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A senator calls for the opening of a parliamentary commission of inquiry after the incidents

Michel Salvin, senator Les Républicains de l’Isère and President of the study group “Sporting practices and major sporting events” of the Senate has asked for the opening of a parliamentary commission of inquiry in order to designate “the real troublemakers in the last night’s disaster in the Champions League final” and not “to get angry with our English neighbors by unfairly pointing the finger at Liverpool supporters”.

“400 million viewers have witnessed a humiliation for our country” is indignant the senator, who prefers to mention the violence of “local youth gangs” without mentioning the images of the police gassing certain families.

The Ministry of Sports announces a meeting at 11 a.m. with all the actors of the organization

The Ministry of Sports sent a press release this Sunday, announcing a “meeting” Monday at 11 a.m. with all those involved in the organization of the Champions League final:

“The priority now is to identify very precisely the dysfunctions with UEFA, the French Football Federation, the Stade de France, the Paris Police Headquarters, the Seine-Saint-Denis Prefecture and the town hall of Saint-Denis in order to to learn all the lessons to prevent such incidents from happening again for our future major international sporting events. I will meet tomorrow, Monday May 30 at 11 a.m., at the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, all the stakeholders aforesaid, in the presence of the prefect of police of Paris.”

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The Paris police headquarters defends its record after the chaos

Loubna Atta, spokesperson for the Paris police headquarters, on BFMTV

“The police were responsible for ensuring security around the stadium and for restoring public order. From the moment when overflows were noted, the prefect of police took the decision to bring in security agents as reinforcements. private sector, in particular, who were responsible for carrying out the first screening to let ticket-holding spectators through. The police supported these agents at the level of the stadium gates in order to sort ticket holders from those who didn’t have one in order to let legitimate spectators into the stadium.”

“The question that arises is to say that many spectators did not have tickets or were holders of a fake ticket. Was there massive cheating? And in this case, by The other question is the management of the supporters who came en masse from England without having tickets. where everything went smoothly from the opening.”

“The problem identified was how to manage the massive flow of supporters arriving on national territory without a ticket. That’s why the fan zone was created and that’s why the prefect of police validated the principle. .”

“The capacity of the Stade de France is 80,000 people. The majority of the spectators who were present last night had a ticket.”

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Two days after the incidents which caused the kick off of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid to be delayed, there is still much debate. While the dysfunctions of the organization are pointed out, a meeting is taking place this Monday at the Ministry of Sports to shed light on what happened.

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