Relegation of Saint-Etienne: overgrown lawn, injured ... the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium plunged into chaos

Relegation of Saint-Etienne: overgrown lawn, injured … the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium plunged into chaos

And suddenly, after the winning shot on goal from Auxerre, the lawn of the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium was completely invaded. By angry Saint-Etienne supporters at first. By the fumes caused by the tear gas used by the police afterwards. To disperse an aggressive crowd as quickly as possible, the CRS didn’t do anything in the lace, dealing with the most urgent. A paying strategy: in just a few minutes, the fanatics had cleared off while the players had all been able to return to the locker room safe and sound.

For those present in the stands, it became urgent to leave a stadium where breathing became as difficult as opening your eyes. The worst had apparently been avoided, which was not won as the fireworks and other firecrackers projected by the fans from the field could have seriously affected anyone on the spot.

Taking refuge in the corridors of the stadium, the journalists tried to find refuge to send their papers. More importantly, this father who was trying to get his son back to safety out of what seemed like hell then.

In front of the main exit of the stadium, the police reinforcements tried to disperse the Ultras who had decided to lay siege to explain themselves to the players and the leaders of ASSE. While the anger was understandable, the violence was completely unacceptable. According to some observers, a TV car was won by the flames. The club shop was completely ransacked.

“Some countries have turned it off”

The Auxerrois technician Jean-Marc Furlan did not hide his bitterness in the face of the situation: “I freaked out because I took I don’t know how much tear gas on my face and I was just crying. The players too. (…) Somehow, it only exists here because some countries have turned it all off. For several months, there has been a lot of violence in our stadiums without us being able to stop it. A lot of people totally transform when they’re in a stage where they become other men, it’s kind of sad. »

Pascal Dupraz was certainly just as much, but the Saint-Etienne coach did not come to the press conference and none of his players spoke.

In a press release prepared in advance, and published a few minutes after the final whistle, the main shareholders Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo had tried to calm the rage by almost formalizing their future departure: “In some time, we will announce important news concerning the future of the club and ours. An essential page of our life will turn. This obviously did not calm anything: almost an hour after the end of the match, it was still impossible for many fans to leave the stadium and the police were still deploying tear gas to try to disperse a crowd. which seemed more and more aggressive.

Michel, who came with his grandchildren, was upset: “It goes beyond the limits. Before there were insults but now it’s not sport anymore. It’s not being a supporter. You don’t take your grandchildren to the stadium to see that. By his side, Emma, ​​about ten years old, shocked and cold, is probably not ready to come back to see a football match. At the end of the evening, the Loire prefecture counted 17 minor injuries among the supporters, of whom 3 were taken to hospital, 14 among the police and 2 among the AJA players.

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