“Les Pires”, by Lise Akoka and Romane Guéret, awarded by Un certain regard

“Les Pires”, by Lise Akoka and Romane Guéret, awarded by Un certain regard

After the joy of having seen his film selected by the biggest film festival in the world, past the excitement of the screenings and the applause of the public, comes the fateful moment of the awards. Led this year by actress, director and producer Valeria Golino, the jury in charge of the selection Un certain regard made its own, Friday, May 27, awarding its Grand Prize to the French feature film The worst, by Lise Akoka and Romane Gueret.

This film within the film which makes us witnesses of a shoot with suffering young people from a popular housing estate in Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais) uses mise en abyme to question the vampiric, voyeuristic, even unhealthy of the cinema and its consequences on the actors. The director (Johan Heldenbergh) that we follow here does not hesitate in particular to let the camera roll when a scene between kids degenerates into a fight. Nevertheless, between the one who films, his team and those who are filmed create links from which some do not always come out unscathed. The worst hits theaters on November 23.

The first feature film by Pakistani Saim Sadiq, ” Joyland”, received the Prize
of the jury as well as the Queer Palm

Among the twenty feature films that competed in this 44e edition, also won the first feature film by Pakistani Saim Sadiq, joyland – story of a family chronicle disturbed by the extramarital love affair to which the youngest son yields. The object of his desire being a transsexual cabaret artist, the hidden presence of the two lovers, their unavowable affair nevertheless upsets the established order and shifts the center of gravity of each character. From this shift, the director draws a film of rare subtlety which earned him the Jury Prize as well as the Queer Palm.

Important in a parallel section centered on “an auteur and discovery cinema” – which is said to be the antechamber of the official competition –, the Director’s Prize was awarded to metronom, by Romanian director Alexandru Belc. A film whose extreme rigor frames and accompanies the disillusions of a group of young people subjected, one fine morning, to the system of surveillance and repression set up by the Ceausescu regime (we are in 1972, in Bucharest).

Favorite and controversial award

Known or unknown, actors and actresses revealed themselves again this year, they sometimes stunned, as is the case for the Luxembourg actress Vicky Krieps, whose career includes more than thirty films, and the young Adam Bessa, until there confined to small roles. Both arrived ex aequo and winners of the Best Performance Award, the first for her portrayal of Elysabeth of Austria in Bodice, by Marie Kreutzer, the second for that of the young Ali in the film by Lotfy Nathan, Harka.

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