Julie (Love is in the meadow) very thin: behind the scenes and revelations about her weight loss (EXCLUDED)

Julie (Love is in the meadow) very thin: behind the scenes and revelations about her weight loss (EXCLUDED)

This is a new Julie that Internet users were able to discover on May 18. The candidate of Love is in the meadow 2017 (M6) unveiled photos of her new figure on Instagram. Asked by Purepeoplethe charming blonde confided in her big weight loss.

You revealed that you lost no less than 17.5 kilos in five and a half months. Why did you want to lose weight?

Already because I was 25 kilos overweight. In general, I was around 57 kilos and I had gone up to 82. So a big overweight. It was mainly emotional, it started with the stable, all the responsibility, the weight of everyday life. And I also gained a lot of weight during my relationship with Jean-Michel, which was very complicated. It has become disabling. It’s not nice to see myself getting fat, so it’s a choice on my part to want to lose weight. It had been bothering me for a while. But to be careful and change your eating habits, you have to be good with yourself. So I first did some work on myself a few years ago. And today, it allowed me not to have the impression of depriving myself and frustrating myself.

What is your work on yourself?

First, learn to love yourself. I think that unfortunately in today’s world, people don’t love each other enough. There is always guilt, reproaches that can be made, wounds too. Me in recent years, I have worked a lot on the wound of abandonment and betrayal. It is once we have started this personal work on our wounds that we reach letting go. So it’s easier to make good decisions and change your habits. Food is a good way to treat yourself when things are not going well, to fill in the gaps. The day when there is no longer a lack, there is no longer any need to fill it.

Did you have a click?

No, it didn’t happen “suddenly”. It’s been almost a year since I started intermittent fasting for the well-being of my body. I had started losing a bit and feeling better. And in December, I felt, in addition to intermittent dieting, limiting calories and being a little more careful with the way I eat. The pounds have been gradually dropping since then. But I don’t forbid myself anything. If I’m invited, I eat and if I have to make a difference, I make one. It’s more of a long-term habit. I’m not on a diet that I’m going to quit overnight and start all over again. I only eat one meal a day and I don’t intend to change because I feel that it suits my body very well. I know what my body needs, I listen to it. It goes with my spiritual development in recent years.

Do you have any other weight loss tips?

Mainly, it is the work on the emotional. To know many people who are overweight, including my mother, who eats much less than me and who has weight problems, the emotional is important. Doctors don’t take it enough into account. It’s a work on the wounds which means that the body will not seek to fill in, to make a shell. I know that people who are in the wound of humiliation protect themselves with a shell and the weight gain serves to protect themselves. There are plenty of reasons that can lead to weight gain without it having anything to do with what you eat. For me, you have to feel well-being before starting a diet, in which case depriving yourself would only make things worse.

Have you done this work on yourself?

I have been working with therapists for years, whether in energy healing or hypnosis, on life wounds. It is a spiritual and personal development that has been there for more than fifteen years for me. Inevitably when you do a regular job and go to the end of things, there is a well-being that sets in no matter what. I can’t say my life is all rosy right now, but emotionally it’s okay. And from the moment we manage emotionally, everything is easier.

What weight goal do you want to achieve?

I would like to go below 60. I have done several times 57 kilos so I would still have 7 to lose to no longer be overweight. But physically, I already feel good. I still stay with a job where you move a lot, so I feel the more comfortable side when I have to run or ride a horse. And I feel lighter in the morning with intermittent fasting. It is more pleasant on a daily basis. There is also the pleasure of looking at each other which comes back. I want to say that I have a goal without having one in the end, it’s my body that will decide. If he wants to go below 60 kilos, he will. We are always listening to the body.

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