He wakes up with a black eye and breaks down in tears at his wife’s note

Alcohol gives different effects to those who consume it and this is nothing new. While some become happier while drinking, others can’t help but be sad, or even cry, when drunk. In the case of this man, alcohol made him lose his memory a little. We tell you more below.

What happened the night before?

One day, a man named Jack woke up one morning, just as usual. What made his awakening different this time was that he was hungover and couldn’t even remember what he had done the night before. Indeed, he had taken advantage of a little boozy evening, in the company of his friends and as he had drunk a little too much, he couldn’t remember what had happened.

He didn’t even know how he got home. He couldn’t even remember how he landed in the bed he shares with his wife. So he feared the worst and couldn’t help but think whether or not he had done something inappropriate that evening.

“Oh my god,” he said trying to remember everything.

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When he woke up, Jack had particular difficulty opening his eyes. The first thing that couldn’t escape his gaze were the aspirin pills and the glass of water that were near his bed, on the nightstand. Afterwards, he straightened up and saw the clothes he had worn at the small party, clean and very well ironed.

Moments later, he got out of bed and quickly headed for the bathroom. But the man became stunned as soon as he saw himself in the bathroom mirror since he did, indeed, have a black eye. It is particularly at this same moment that he discovered the gesture of his dear and tender wife.

The letter from his wife

The moment Jack had seen her swollen, buttery eye, he had also noticed a letter his wife had left for him in the corner of the mirror. This letter was notably written in red, which contained small hearts and a mark of jewelry made from lipstick was also there.

“Dear husband, last night you came home drunk and really hurt yourself,” she said at the beginning of the note.

Continuing, Jack’s wife wanted to tell him that he did not have to worry, because she had prepared a lunch for him. She had left it in the stove. Then the wife insisted on explaining to her husband that she had to leave very early in the morning to go to the grocery store in order to prepare the evening dinner. And at the end of his letter, Jack’s companion, whose first name is Jillian, dropped him a little: ” I love you darling “.

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Jack couldn’t contain his tears

After reading his wife’s note, Jack quickly went into the kitchen to eat the lunch that Jillian had prepared for him. And in addition to the food, the hot coffee and the morning paper waiting for him, there was also their son eating in the same room.

Seeing him, Jack then decides to ask him what happened the day before. The little boy says that his father came home completely drunk to the point of falling on the coffee table, which he had even broken. As for Jack’s black eye, his son claimed he got it when he hit the door.

Afterwards, Jack who still seemed very confused asks the little boy the reason why his wife, Jillian, woke up in a good mood while cooking him dinner and writing him a letter. His son then explains to him that when his mother dragged his dad to their room and tried to take off his pants, Jack would have said to him: “Leave me alone, I’m married”.

Jack couldn’t contain his tears hearing his words. The latter was therefore not unfaithful to his wife even while being very drunk. An example to follow !

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