Charlène de Monaco

Charlene of Monaco in the arms of a famous actor, she lets go completely for good!

After a long absence, Charlène of Monaco returns more radiant than ever at the presentation of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in her country. It should be noted that the princess was invited by the organizers of the event as a special host for the evening. This sovereign managed to capture all the eyes of the guests of the event on her. Since his great triumphant return after the difficulties of his life intrigued everyone. Even Patrick Dempsey ended up hugging her. Follow the sequel!

Charlene of Monaco has reappeared in public in the arms of an American actor!

At the first observation of the photos of the presentation of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, one could imply that Charlène of Monaco would have no shame in letting go in the arms of a man in public. However, the details not captured by the images released by the media is that her husband was also present at the party. At the same time, the American actor with whom the wife of Prince Albert had a hug is none other than Patrick Dempsey. This is his long time friend !

We note that their meeting at this evening was pure chance. For the simple reason that everyone still believed that Charlene of Monaco was undergoing treatment in Switzerland . On November 23, it was discovered that the sovereign of Monaco suffered from an otolaryngological infection. A critical situation that made her very tired. In addition, she had to be absent for 3 months to follow her treatment abroad. More fear than harm, she is now restored!

She is on the attack again to resume her obligations!

Charlene of Monaco had to give up her family, her royal obligations and her daily routines to survive her illness. Hence the reason why, on the Monegasque National Day, the twins Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco, waved the flag of comfort for their mother from their palace. It should be noted that her children were touched by the hardships experienced by the latter. To preserve the morals of her family, the sovereign made a compromise with the doctors to allow her to continue treatment at home !

In addition, Charlene of Monaco returned to her palace in March. Despite the fact that she has just undergone a delicate surgical operation, Prince Albert’s wife already says she is ready to meet all obligations. Since his big comeback, he has been noticed everywhere in the prestigious events of the kingdom. It even seems that she would like to make up for all the lost time! Only, the specialists advised him to live in peace and serenity to achieve total healing!

Charlene of Monaco: She is starting to improve her image with the public!

Despite doctors’ recommendations, Charlene of Monaco seems to be the stubborn type. In general, she should be in convalescence to take some rest. In this way, she could obtain the tranquility she needs for her recovery. On the contrary, this ex sportsman realizes the opposite of all that we suggested him to do!

According to official information, she struts around in all the celebrations in town. We sometimes imagine that she would like to rectify certain prejudices about her during this long absence. For example, her denial of the rumor of separation between her husband and her! It should be noted that Charlène of Monaco refuted this information without hesitation on the set of Nice Matin!

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