“Triangle of sadness”, Palme d'or, and the rest of the winners

“Triangle of sadness”, Palme d’or, and the rest of the winners

The jury of the 75th edition of the Festival awarded this Saturday evening the supreme award to Ruben Östlund for “Without filter” (“Triangle of sadness”), which divided our critics. “Close” and “Stars at noon” are ex-aequo Grand Prix. An uneven track record, generous in quantity, but with major omissions.

The winners of the 75th Cannes Film Festival were revealed on Saturday evening by Vincent Lindon’s jury and aroused mixed reactions. Here is the detail.

Palme d’or: “Triangle of sadness – Without Filter”

Triangle of sadness Sweden, France, Germany, UK – Director-screenwriter: Ruben ÖSTLUND – WITH: With Harris DICKINSON Charlbi Dean KRIEK Dolly DE LEON Zlatko BURIC Iris BERBEN Vicki BERLIN Henrik DORSIN Jean-Christophe FOLLY Amanda WALKER Oliver FORD DAVIES Woody HARRELSON


Without filter (Triangle of Sadness) > Ruben Östlund indeed puts his feet in the caviar to buy a good slice of ultra-rich. Half-shock, half-knock, the provocative event of this 75e edition of the festival divides the editorial staff.
Awaiting release date.

Grand prize ex-aequo: “Close” and “Stars at noon”

Close > Léo and Rémi, 13, share everything. But ordinary homophobia ends up separating them. A touching melody but less convincing when it falls into tragedy.
Awaiting release date.

Stars at noon > Preferring atmosphere to narration, and bodies to explanations, the French filmmaker revisits the adventure trill in vogue in the 80s. A fine exercise in style.

Best Director Award: Park Chan-wook, for “Decision to Leave”

“Decision to leave”.

“Decision to leave”.


Decision to Leave > South Korean director ofold boy signs a police investigation tinged with amorous obsession. A film of remarkable aesthetic beauty but lacking in breadth.
Released June 29, 2022.

Special prize for the 75th anniversary of the Festival: the Dardenne brothers

Tori and Lokita > Great regulars on the Croisette, the Dardenne brothers present this year the ordeal of two Beninese minors who entered Belgium illegally. A desperate work which, for once, leaves little room for light.
Snettle on September 28, 2022.

Jury Prize ex-aequo “Les Huit Montagnes” and “Hi-han”

The Eight Mountains > It is with a heart full of hope that we are going to see Felix Van Groeningen’s first film to enter the competition in the Official Selection. Result: an avalanche of good feelings.
Released December 21.

Hi-han > By recounting the tribulations of a little donkey abused by men, the Polish filmmaker asserts himself as a defender of the animal cause. And fascinates by the look full of contempt that he poses on the human being.
Release date unknown.

Best Actress Award: Zar Amir Ebrahimi

Nights of Mashhad > In 2001, a mason in the holy city of Mashhad murdered sixteen prostitutes in the name of Allah. Ali Abbasi, an Iranian filmmaker who lives in Denmark, has reconstructed this news item in an effective thriller that is too complacent about the spectacle of violence.
Released July 13, 2022.

Best Actor Award: Song Kang-ho

The Lucky Stars > Four years after his Palme d’or for A family matter, Hirokazu Kore-eda boards the ramshackle van of a duo of child traffickers. A story full of good feelings, which overflows a little.
Released on December 7, 2022.

Song Kang-Ho, on the stage of the Palais des Festivals on Saturday evening.

Song Kang-Ho, on the stage of the Palais des Festivals on Saturday evening.


Screenplay Award: Tarik Saleh

boy from heaven > Tarik Saleh, the director of Confidential Cairo, once again denounces the abuses of Egyptian power in a spy thriller whose hero is a young student at the Islamic Al-Azhar University.
Released November 9, 2022.

The Golden Camera, which rewards a first film. There were 26 this year:
war ponyby Gina Gammell and Riley Keough (United States).
Special mention to Map 75 by Hayakawa Chie (Japan, France, Philippines). The film was presented in the Un certain regard section. Released September 27.

Short Film Award: The water murmursfrom the Chinese Story Chen.
Special mention to Lori by Abinash Bikram Shah (Nepal)

The other movies

NMR ; Armageddon Time ; pacification ; Show-Up ; Leila and her brothers ; Future Crimes; Tchaikovsky’s Wife; The Almond Trees ; Brother and sister; A little brother.

From “Un certain regard”, to Critics’ Week and the Palm Dog, all the other prizes are to be discovered in this article

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