Faustine Bollaert : Elle console la chérie d'un homme qui est condamné pour meurtre, c'est poignant !

Terrible controversy for Faustine Bollaert, the radical decision of France 2

When your name is Faustine Bollaert, it’s not easy to manage your career and your private life. This quack, she does not forgive it!

Has Faustine Bollaert gone too far?

Faustine Bollaert’s emotion is undoubtedly up to her reputation. When she discovers what her assistants have prepared for her birthday, she cannot believe her eyes. Yes, it is his brother on the screen. Since he lives in the country of Uncle Sam, the opportunities to meet up with his family are so rare that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. As she points out, she is usually the one who organizes surprises for her guests. And not the other way around! For example, in The Secret Box, it brings together the anonymous or known relatives of our favorite stars. Come to tell crisp anecdotes, the team ofObjeko never miss a beat. When it comes to his lunchtime show, you never know what to expect. Despite his empathy and his hypersensitivity, the themes are sometimes hard to deal with. So much so that the latest will sow controversy with the PAF. Imagine that it will even go back to the ears of management. Ouch, did Maxime Chattam’s wife cross the line without realizing it at the time? We tell you everything!

A sequence that makes people talk!

Those who are used to listening to the testimonies of It starts today are aware of Faustine Bollaert’s professionalism. She’s not going to invite just anyone. Always surrounded by psychologists, she is keen to compare their opinions and the stories of anonymous people. We then better understand the ins and outs of a buried trauma. That day, thanks to the intervention of Nathacha Calestrémé, we were promised to ” heal by freeing oneself from the wounds of our ancestors”. Alas, on the set, nothing will go as planned. Worse than a disaster, this bad experience will remain for a long time like suffering in the mind of the presenter.

However, this is not the first time that Natacha Calestremé has accepted Faustine Bollaert’s invitation. Like a certain Nathalie Marquay who would communicate regularly with her late husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut, she is unbeatable on ” premonitions and signs of fate”. After the broadcast of this number, she tells our colleagues to have received millions of messages from anonymous. Finally, they had the ultimate proof that this was not a figment of the imagination. Become this ally to get your head above water“Has his ego overtaken his thought?

Faustine Bollaert, caught in her own trap!

Screenshot (c) it starts today (c) France 2

Asked in more detail about her philosophy, the personal development specialist believes that the pandemic has been an electric shock. ” The confinement was an opportunity to realize what was wrong with their work, their couple or with their children ! Faustine Bollaert’s accomplice announces the color. ” Since I got rid of my emotional burdens from my parents who hindered me and prevented me from being recognized, everything has changed. » Alas, on the public service, this kind of remark disturbs. Especially at prime time, this could be misconstrued. Once inside the minds of malicious people, they could use it to sow even more trouble around them.

During the editing of the show, Faustine Bollaert realizes that the damage has been done. Despite all the efforts of the technical teams, it cannot cut this passage as it is so decisive for the common thread of the program. That’s why, for the first (and we hope the last) time in her career, she chooses not to submit it to the public. Yes, it was difficult to accept. But why take the risk of being criticized when everyday life is heavy enough to bear? Unable to justify herself, Abby and Peter’s mother continues to follow her path. Currently on vacation, she crosses her fingers so that at the start of the school year she will no longer have to deal with such difficult decisions. Let her be reassured. In our team, no one held it against him. The rest, you will have it in the next issue of‘Objeko !

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