Koh-Lanta : ce que Maxime a dit à Louana après leur élimination enfin dévoilé !

Louana and Maxime (Koh-Lanta) as a couple? She comes out of the silence and responds frankly

The two adventurers Louana and Maxime formed an explosive duo. Many think they are now a couple. Discover the latest statements from the main interested party!

Would Koh-Lanta promote the rapprochement of candidates? Many couples have formed through the show. We think in particular of Jesta and Benoît, who got married (Koh-Lanta, the treasure island in 2016). They are now raising their two adorable boys. Candice and Jérémy from the same season also form an adorable couple. Alex and Matthew (Koh-Lanta, The 4 Lands) and Miriam and Thomas (Koh-Lanta, Secret Weapons) did the same.

Louana and Maxime: Two candidates as dog and cat!

However, it is not during filming that the adventurers fall in love. Because on the spot, nothing is conducive to seduction and romanticism. Jesta, Benoit, Mathieu and Alix thus all four affirm that the games of seduction did not begin during the game of survival.

We both tend to say things, we bump into each other

Lately, Louana has even lifted the taboo of lib*do on the island, in complete transparency. S*x and love are absolutely not part of the game! “The lib*do is well at the bottom of the sl*p”thus released Louana to Buzz-TV of TV Magazine, last March. And to clarify:Already, we don’t come to Koh-Lanta for that, then on top of that, we eat very little, we sleep very little, hygiene, it’s still quite delicate… The libido, no. With fatigue, with hunger, it’s really not the priority. »has indeed indicated the young adventurer of 28 years.

In the last season Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem, Louana and Maxime did not go unnoticed. Their relationship struck the spirits because both have a strong character. Sometimes they took each other’s beak to the delight of viewers. But who loves well, punishes well, don’t we say?

Louana and Maxime: who loves well, punishes well?

We both tend to say things, we bump into each other, it was frank and direct“, testified Maxime to our colleagues from Here is. The other adventurers ended up eliminating them at the end of the episode of May 17, 2022. But Louana was quick to confide that Maxime was one of the people she is now ” the closest“. ” We call each other regularly, we see each other regularly in Paris“, she indeed let go. Immediately, many viewers began to imagine that Maxime and Louana had a romantic relationship.

Louana: their reunion was “magical”

During an interview with Jordan De Luxe, the main interested party wanted to make things clear. On social networks, I received a lot of messages from people who think that we are in a relationship or that we would form a beautiful couple because we are dog and cat, we have a rather electric temperament him and me.“, explained the 28-year-old adventurer. And to add: I think we have a great friendship today that maybe started with a little bit of animosity. But there’s nothing with Maxime, he’s a good friend today. We have a beautiful friendship. We have temperaments that sinter a little but that’s all. Absolutely nothing happened!

Anyway, Louana has already been in a relationship for four years with someone else. Another Maxim…He was extremely proud that I was part of this adventure because he knew it was a dream for me., she said. According to her, their reunion after Koh Lanta were simply ” magical“.

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