Lou Pernaut

Lou Pernaut, the daughter of JPP at its worst, the fans are worried sick!

Difficult months for the young influencer

It has been more than two years since the young woman is now an influential person on social networks. Her notoriety exploded in full confinement, in March 2020, when she revealed the device installed in her living room so that her father could present the television news remotely. Internet users therefore discover an unknown facet of the journalist’s life and are passionate about the videos posted by his two children, Lou on one side, Tom on the other..

Unfortunately, the lives of these two children changed the day their father announced to them that he had a lung tumor. A heavy smoker, he quit a few weeks later and fought against the disease. But the latter is as vicious as it is unpredictable. The state of health of the favorite journalist of the French is deteriorating. He lost his life a few months later, on March 2. He was 71 years old.

She receives thousands of messages of support and withdraws from social media for a few days to grieve in peace, far from the negative comments and hateful messages she may receive. Because even during this difficult period for her, some do not hesitate to question her sadness..

Lou Pernaut not sad enough? Her mother defends her!

It seems unlikely but it is a reality. Several Internet users have criticized the young woman for not appearing sad enough at her father’s funeral. Several television channels were there to pay tribute to the journalist. Sequences showing his wife, Nathalie Marquay, and his two children were therefore broadcast. Believe it or not, but people who obviously know nothing about mourning have attacked him for having smiled, for not having cried enough… In short, so as not to appear sad enough.

Almost obliged to defend her daughter, Nathalie Marquay expressed herself on this subject in the columns of Télé Ciné Revue: “ She has a very different way of reacting to her father’s death than my son, who is more reserved. But believe me, when she’s in her room, she cries a lot. Each person reacts differently. Afterwards, I can understand that people, from the outside, wonder how she can appear laughing on Instagram. It’s his way of dealing with it. But I can tell you that she is deeply saddened. As soon as she closes her smartphone, she is not well. I pick it up with a spoon“.

The former Miss France knows the insane criticism, she who was demolished on social networks for having announced her husband’s illness on the set of Touche not at my post… when it was Jean-Pierre Pernaut who asked her .

Lou sick, she knows why thanks to a subscriber

The weeks pass and Lou is gradually rebuilding. She appears more often on social networks and tries to live a normal life, the one that any girl of her age wants to have. But her condition prevents her from being active for three days. Before disappearing, she indicates that she is sick. Eventually, she understands where the vomiting and nausea are coming from. A subscriber who saw him at the restaurant a few days earlier decided to write him words reposted in story by the main interested party:

Hi Lou. I hope you’re feeling better. I was part of the group of girls at the restaurant….. in Châtelet on Tuesday, located next to you. We took the chocolate fondue. We are currently also all four sick. We had as symptoms of vomiting and an intense stomach ache. I think we had food poisoning. rest well“.

The young woman then understands why she feels so bad. ” Damn, we all have the same thing“, she says. Now that she knows what her symptoms correspond to, no doubt she will be able to treat herself better. In any case, we wish him to recover and get back in shape. She can thank this fan who allowed her to elucidate the mystery of her illness.

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