Lou Pernaut

Lou Pernaut pregnant? Between stomach ache and vomiting, his alarming publications…

Lou Pernaut, Jean Pierre Pernaut’s pregnant daughter, here is her shock announcement on her Instagram account, fans in shock…

Kind to its subscribers, Lou Pernaut expects the same in return. Alas, that day, nothing will go as planned!

SOS Lou Pernaut in distress!

By discovering this image of Lou Pernaut, his subscribers are in panic. It’s not really his style to complain or be negative. In a few words, she announces to them that she is temporarily absent from the Web. ” Guys. I’m sick, I’ll be back soon, I promise. While the variants of Covid-19 are still circulating in France and around the world, People Act Magazine is asking a thousand and one questions about his psychological and physical state.

Demolished by the death of her father Jean-Pierre Pernaut, she must also face the comments of jealous people. Not easy to be such an esteemed girl! Without further ado, People Act Magazine takes stock of its slow descent into hell. How do you get back on your feet after that?

One person is missing…

A month before his seventy-second birthday, Jean-Pierre Pernaut bows out. While he was believed to be cured of his second lung cancer, the former presenter of 1 p.m. goes on mini-strokes.

Operated in emergency of the heart, his kidneys end up not functioning any more.

@loupernaut @violettebrl ♬ Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Slowed Down Version) – Paloma Faith

After several days in an artificial coma, he flew up into the sky. More than a current affairs enthusiast, he was truly appreciated by the French.

For nearly three and a half decades, he was the guest of honor at our luncheons.

Lover of the land, landscapes and gastronomy, he said aloud what others think quietly. Often mocked by his colleagues, he nevertheless trained a whole new generation of journalists.

A backlash?

During the ceremony, her older sister Lou Pernaut tried to put on a good face. She would later reveal that when” [sa] best friend came [vers elle]this is the only time [elle] really screamed in pain that day. »

At the mention of his confidences, the heart of the editorial staff of People Act Magazine breaks into a thousand pieces. But a handful of followers will put her face to face with her contradictions. Why does she pay homage so often? How does she manage to “post herself laughing on Instagram” when he is no longer there? In the columns of Ciné Télé Revue, his mother tries to come to his rescue. “She has a very different way of reacting to the death of her father than my son, who is more reserved. But believe me, when she’s in her room, she cries a lot. Moreover, she tells us that as soon as Lou Pernaut “closes her smartphone, she is not well. I pick it up with a spoon”!

Lou Pernaut, victim of a strange disease

A few hours after announcing that she suffered in her flesh, Lou Pernaut could have another track for her discomfort. “I was part of the group of girls from the restaurant ….. in Châtelet on Tuesday, located next to your home. We ate the chocolate fondue [et] are currently also all four sick [avec] symptoms [de] vomiting and severe stomach pain. The word is out, it’s “food poisoning.” Sleep well. »

Temporarily coming out of her silence, Lou Pernaut is now convinced of having “the same thing”. Oops, yes, in this case, People Act Magazine knows that the fatigue lasts a few days. Outside, the sun is shining. The icing on the cake, the school year is almost over. Fingers crossed that Tom’s sister can enjoy it quickly too. With Arthur, life is so beautiful!

That will be enough of a sign…

Lou Pernaut

And from up there, she can be sure that her father watches over her at all times. As Nathalie Marquay says, JPP regularly sends messages to his loved ones.

Just open your eyes to be able to distinguish them! Even if the arguments of the former Miss France 1987 may seem strange to you, we invite you to read this article. Sit down or you’ll fall over. We believe in it and we fully support it!

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