Champions League – Karim Benzema (Real Madrid): "Luck, you have it once, not every time"

Champions League – Karim Benzema (Real Madrid): “Luck, you have it once, not every time”

The open hand to show the number five. Karim Benzema took the break for a long time to remind the world what a player he was, what a fantastic record he built at the biggest club in the world. But this coronation in the Champions League has a particular taste. Because Cristiano Ronaldo is gone and Madrid have proven they can be European champions without him. Because Benzema took care of everything and because Real showed their heart, their character and their talent.

It was complicated, as always in this tortuous course although victorious. Like this Saturday against a long-dominant Liverpool. We wondered for a long time how Real could get out of it, but it did. Courtois with nine saves, a record in the Champions League final, kept his people afloat by multiplying the miracles.

Champions League

The cheat sheet: It was written


Courtois best goalkeeper in the world: “Now he deserves respect”

We never gave up

When the goalkeeper is the man of the match, there is something wrong with the other teaminsisted Jürgen Klopp at a press conference. We shot 23 times, 9 times on target, that’s a really good number for a final but the ball has to cross the line, that’s what we missed.”

Karim Benzema lifts his 5th Champions League

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Yes, Liverpool dominated, yes Liverpool put Real in an uncomfortable situation. But in the end, it was Real who lifted the trophy. And do not speak of success to Karim Benzema. Even less luck. “VSIt’s always difficult to win the Champions League but this year even moreconceded the Madrid striker. We deserve because we only played big teams. There is no chance. You’re lucky once, not every time. We deserve our victory. We have made incredible efforts. We came back every time, we never gave up.”

5 trophies in the last 9 editions: “This Real is a unique team”

Ancelotti alone at the top

Left for dead against PSG before resurrecting with the snap of a finger, led by Chelsea who long eyed the semi-finals, miraculously faced Manchester City in the last four, Real again went through a mouse hole this Saturday at Saint -Denis. But for Carlo Ancelotti, no doubt either: “We were the best“, commented the coach merengue.

We managed the first period well when we were put in difficulty, added the Italian. When we scored, we controlled the game. We deserved to win this competition. We came out of the heart… If you don’t have a heart, you can’t win tonight. It’s the biggest club in the world. Here is Real Madrid.”

And 14: The incredible record of Real Madrid

Credit: Marko Popovic

Difficult to contradict the coach with four Champions Leagues as a coach. A record, again. This Real knew how to suffer and he went after his dream even if he did not always master the debates. Basically, it doesn’t matter. He is European champion for the 14th time. So, Benzema is right, luck…

Champions League

And 14: Real twice as high as its runner-up


Champions League

Real finds its Holy Grail


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