JT 20H : Anne-Sophie Lapix s’écroule en direct sur France 2

Anne-Sophie Lapix collapses live on France 2

Not a day goes by that we don’t talk about Anne-Sophie Lapix. Indeed, the journalist must have the ears which whistle permanently. What’s going on this time around? She has a loss of form? We tell you!

Anne-Sophie Lapix: a newscast with the lowest audiences of the entire season!

Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​recognized in the profession that has been close to her skin since her earliest childhood. Indeed, the 50-year-old journalist today has always wanted to practice this profession. The proof, when she was 10 years old, Anne-Sophie Lapix founded with her friends a small homemade diary that she produced with a typewriter. At the time, she sold it for 5 francs in the streets of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and she named it The world seen by children. Thus, his passion for information was already in his DNA. When she graduated from the Institute of Political Studies in Bordeaux, she joined the Training Center for Journalists (CFJ) in Paris. A hell of a journey.

Once in the active life, she will chain the chains and the programs. We can cite Restricted zone on M6. Next, seven to eight with Harry Roselmack on TF1. Then, It’s up to you on France 5. Finally, in May 2017, the President of France Televisions officially announces that Anne-Sophie Lapix will present the 8 p.m. news on France 2succeeding David Pujadas.

We can’t deny that she is on all fronts, but her strong temperament plays tricks on her. Indeed, it is not very popular with politicians who find it annoying. Certainly because she points her finger where it bothers. Thus, she was punished for the debate between the two rounds. Today, it is her that we are pointing the finger at, or rather her 8 p.m. newscast for this Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Indeed, the audiences have collapsed!

This Tuesday, May 24, 2022, it was the worst performance since the start of the season. As a reminder, Anne-Sophie Lapix began her diary by talking about the situation between Russia and Ukraine. A conflict that has lasted for three months. Then, she raised the subject of the purchasing power of the French. It announced that the collection of savings fell in April 2022.

A controversy and farewell for Anne-Sophie Lapix

In addition, Anne-Sophie Lapix returned during her 8 p.m. news on the scandal of Jacques Bouthier, the creator of the company Assu 2000. This one is accused of horrible facts. Indeed, he would have vi*led minors and exploited them as sex slaves. In a completely different topic, the news journal also talked about a study on energy misdiagnoses. A newscast that only shares bad news! But, since the health crisis, the populations are starting to get used to this information which weighs on morale…

To end on happier notes, the journalist returned to two highlights of the season. Roland Garros and the Cannes Film Festival, enough to change our minds. Anne-Sophie Lapix broadcast elements on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Indeed, the tennis player had just played his very last match of his career at Roland Garros. Thus, a farewell ceremony was organized in his honor on the court. As a reminder, he lost against the Norwegian Casper Ruud. Finally, she shared some highlights on the news of the Cannes Film Festival.

Catastrophic hearings for the journalist

Anyway, this episode of 8 p.m. news of France 2 did not captivate the crowds. Indeed, Anne-Sophie Lapix attracted 3.87 million viewers, or 19% market share on the target audience of four years and over. But, this means that the newspaper lost 1 point over a week. The worst part of all this is that Anne-Sophie Lapix’s television news has achieved its worst performance since the start of the season.

On the side of our competitors on the first channel, the 8 p.m. news of TF1 with Gilles Bouleau worked rather well. Indeed, it brought together 4.99 million viewers, or 24.4% of the entire public.

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