Mariés au premier regard : Alicia furax contre la prod’, elle prévient les téléspectateurs

Alicia furax against the production, she warns the viewers

Before speaking, the beautiful Alicia always has the habit of weighing the pros and cons. However, this time, M6 has exceeded the limits. Ouch!

SOS Alicia in distress!

From the first episode of the sixth part of Married at first sight, viewers fall for Alicia’s charm. At first glance, Objeko thinks she shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the man of her dreams. Alas, deep inside her, she feels broken. This accident which cost the life of her sister, she does not keep physical and psychological consequences. Determined to find a prince who won’t judge her on her scars, she confides in Estelle and Denis with an open heart.

Deeply touched by his journey, they will put their mouths doubled to find him someone good. On paper, Bruno fulfills all the criteria. Besides, she will wait a bit before confessing to him where these multiple stigmas come from. And that if it has to be done, it will be without the presence of the M6 ​​team. They’ve done enough damage as it is. Whether during the ceremony or a family meal, Carine stirs up trouble. Finally, we take stock of what happened before and after the shooting.

Alicia shakes her followers

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A few more days and Alicia will be able to tell us if she is married or has a heart to take. In the meantime, the couple tickles our curiosity. Several private jokes are circulating in droves on social networks. Fans of the show put on their detective costumes. Remember, last year, they had managed to detect the pregnancy of Matthew’s sweetheart well before the broadcast of the assessment episode. Panicked by everything she reads on the Web, the one who has 83% compatibility with Bruno is sounding the alarm. ” You have the right to dislike people on TV. But on the other hand, go talk to them on their social network and insult them, tell them what you think: no! (…) Me, I do not condone. »

During the evening of the wedding, his sister-in-law had created the surprise. At the beginning of the adventure, the parents did not understand the ins and outs of this experience. However, everything will change a few weeks later. Unable to grasp that the chemistry was already well and truly present, she confides her concerns to the wrong person. Still today, Alicia’s BFF is shocked at what she’s been waiting for. Admitting that she is possessive, she will make a big mistake. Seizing this information, viewers take a dislike to the young woman.

The production of M6 in its sights

Once back from the honeymoon, the situation is repeated. After a pleasant meal, Carine decides to show Alicia the house and the chicken coop. Conscious that she has the opportunity to place the points on the I, the latter seizes this pole and boots in layer. Months later, she questions the results of this dialogue. “I take the example of my conversation with Carine. We talked for an hour. [Or]the producer chose two or three minutes (…) That went really well because in addition, I was able to discover Bruno’s positive character traits, I was able to learn more about Carine (…)”

Instead of describing her as a sour person, she uses the term “benevolent”. Alas, like Caroline who atomizes M6 as soon as she has the opportunity, she criticizes the editing. ” Alot of [moments] are cut, [tout n’est pas] been on TV”. During the program, we attend interviews between the candidates and the experts. Her confidences, she questions them. ” You can’t form an opinion like that on people. They show what they want “Finally, without whom to specify who, she notes damage to the entourage. Will we have Carine’s version of the facts? Still, she can really be happy that Alicia doesn’t hold it against her. On the contrary, now, more serene, they seem to have started again on new bases! Hope it lasts and more in our next issue!

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