2022 BtoB Trends for Sales and Marketing at the BtoB Summit

2022 BtoB Trends for Sales and Marketing at the BtoB Summit

What are the major trends in marketing and sales in BtoB for 2022. At the end of the BtoB Summit which took place on November 18, I sat down in the official PSG stand with Mohamed Khodja, Director of BtoB Leaders and organizer of the show, in order to scan with him the trends marketing and sales in BtoB for 2022. A particularly interesting exercise in style as last week’s event allowed us all to find ourselves among the 1,400 professionals present at the Parc des Princes.

The 4 major BtoB sales and marketing trends for 2022

Mohamed Khodja told us about his vision of marketing and sales trends in B2B during an interview from the Official Tribune of the Parc des Princes. A view that Mauricio will not be able to contemplate for very long, unfortunately for him.

Mohamed shared with me his vision of marketing and sales trends in BtoB 2022, thus grilling on the post all the bloggers who dipped their pen in the inkpot while waiting for January 1st. There are 4 of them according to him, and he naturally based his point of view on the many exchanges that took place during the conferences and between the professionals present at the BtoB summit at the Parc des Princes. Here is a summary of my interview with Mohamed, which you will find in the podcasts of Visionary Marketing.

  1. Data usage : it is no longer a trend, it is a real confirmation,
  2. The sales enablement is settling in France,
  3. Sales-marketing alignment is still at the heart of the news and we are really starting to become aware of it;
  4. The interest in the customer experience in a logic from A to Zhence the need for a perfect marketing-sales alignment.

On marketing-sales alignment, a major BtoB trend

The annual Companeo lead barometer shows strong progress in this direction. He questions the marketing and sales departments, the CIOs to find out if they consider that their teams are sufficiently aligned.

The figures, which were very low 4 or 5 years ago, have risen over the years to around 30, 35, then 40%.

The Companeo 2021 lead barometer shows strong progress in sales-marketing alignment

It stabilizes. If one out of two companies considers it important, becomes aware of it, part of the way has already been done for a large number of companies, and the others will follow.

What is the martingale to be able to make salespeople and marketers talk together?

BTOB trends 2022
The panel of experts at the BtoB Summit 2022 who discussed sales marketing alignment, one of the major BtoB trends of this coming year

To get salespeople and marketers to talk together, there must be a real awareness of general management, who must be able to bring marketing departments and sales departments around the same table, and see what the development plans are. action taken to get these two entities to work together.

In many structures, we have more than a single entity, with a sales and marketing director who oversees everything

This is the case in slightly smaller structures, but not yet in large groups, even if it is starting to gain ground.

Marketing must appropriate the subjects of salespeople … and vice versa

To make the two speak, one point that seems essential to me is that marketing appropriates the subjects of the salespeople and that, conversely, the salespersons appropriate the subjects of the marketing. This is also a trend that I did not talk about earlier, but which is part of sales enablement.

The appropriation by the sales teams of the content of the digital media is essential

Yet only 35% of content created by marketers is read by salespeople*

It’s frightening. This shows the extent of the work that remains to be done. Everyone must question themselves, both sales and marketing.

It seems essential to me that the marketing department, when it produces content, distributes it to salespeople, and measures the impact of the content that has been produced. There is no point in constantly producing content, it is better to produce less and measure KPIs, and ensure that this content is adapted to the end customers.

To find out if they are suitable for end customers, sales representatives are truly the right point of access to the right door.

*figure quoted during one of the conferences at the BtoB Summit by the IBM representative (conference on theABM)

If this content is not used, is it because of marketers who can’t write or sales people who can’t read?

If the content is not used, the information has not been distributed

Then, is this content adapted to the end customer? Again, this is one of the reasons why salespeople and marketers need to sit down to find out what interests the end customer.

The studies that we carry out can give us directions, but the sales people are in the field, they meet customers face to face, and really know what interests them.

Marketers need to get out there

More and more marketers want to go into the field, and more and more sales people want to be in marketing. It really should. This is part of the alignment goals marketing sales. For me, a marketer must go out at least once a year with a salesperson in the field.

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