towards the end of the green sticker on car windshields?

towards the end of the green sticker on car windshields?

Every year, it’s the same ritual: motorists must change the insurance sticker that appears on the windshield of their vehicle. Green in color, this little paper could yet be ancient history soon, on the model of many European countries, according to the MoneyVox news site. Why do insurance companies want to do away with the green card? What would it be replaced by? Focus on a project that requires a revision of the regulations in force.

Remove the green card for more simplicity and security

Created almost 75 years ago, the green card is a must in the insurance landscape. This document, sent each year by insurers to their customers, certifies that the vehicle is well insured. Indeed, the law stipulates that all drivers must insure their car. It is for this purpose that an annual renewal of the green badge affixed to the windscreen of each vehicle is necessary. But the problem lies precisely there: in addition to being a painful formality for the insured, fraud is too easy.

Falsifying a small piece of paper is easy for some crooks, who can thus circulate without a real insurance contract in complete peace of mind. And even if the green badge is true at the time of its edition, nothing certifies that it is after a few months. Indeed, the insured can terminate his insurance or be terminated by his insurance company in the event of excessive claims or default of payment. In this case, the insurance sticker that seems valid is no longer valid. Today, it is estimated that around 750,000 vehicles circulate without insurance in France. A substantial figure which leads to an increase in the number of accidents compensated by the FGAO, the Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund, and therefore weighs on the insurance contributions of motorists who are indeed insured.

What would life be like without an auto insurance sticker?

Other arguments play in favor of the abolition of the green card in paper format. France Assureurs, thus explains that this disappearance would have a positive impact on the ecology by avoiding the edition and the sending of 50 million documents each year in France. One less step which would also allow insurance companies to make savings estimated at around 17 million euros, which they should redistribute to their customers in the form of a reduction in the price of auto insurance contracts. Questioned by MoneyVox, France Assureurs, formerly the French Insurance Federation, is confident in the follow-up given to this proposal: “Today, our discussions with the public authorities lead us to believe that the project is on the right track”.

Some players are more reserved about the abolition of the green card. Indeed, this document would be replaced by the File of Insured Vehicles (FVA), a file that centralizes all information on current auto insurance contracts. In place since 2016, it can already be consulted and used by the police thanks to the registration number of the vehicle checked. This dematerialized format has the major advantage of being always up to date, insurers having a maximum period of 72 hours to report any change relating to an insurance contract: subscription, modification or termination.

What about the risk of error? The consumer association CLCV is asking the question. A problem that adds to the increase in the time required to carry out road checks carried out by the police. Remember that the lack of insurance is heavily penalized: the uninsured motorist is liable to a fine of €3,750 and possibly the suspension or cancellation of his driving license, with confiscation of the car and prohibition to retake their license within the next 3 years.

Insurance: towards the end of the green sticker on car windshields?

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