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why do you have to buy it back quickly?

Life insurance and euro funds: why is the honeymoon over?

For many years, the French swore only by life insurance contracts in euro funds to invest their money. It was simple and risk-free. However, with the fall in interest rates, the performance of life insurance contracts in euro funds fell to become lower than inflation. Also, why continue to save on a life insurance policy in euro funds? Why should you start thinking about buying back your life insurance in euros?

As I regret Veronic baronone of the founding partners of The Central SCPI (, the first French digital savings network:

Our compatriots have not yet internalized the fact that placing your money in a life insurance policy in euro funds means losing purchasing power. However, this is not the case for investors who contact us at The latter prefer to buy shares in civil real estate investment companies (SCPI). »

Life insurance: why buy back your euro fund for SCPIs?

Unlike life insurance policies in euro funds, performance SCPIs pay off. The best yielding SCPIs in fact deliver around 6% annual yield to their shareholder shareholders. This performance allows investors to increase their purchasing power.

It is not necessary to be a real estate specialist to invest in performance SCPIs since all the work is done by the management companies that created the SCPIs. SCPIs are pooled savings products that allow you to invest in both business real estate and residential real estate.

Thus SCPIs invest in a very diversified manner in several sectors of activity.

SCPIs buy buildings both in France and in Europe, particularly in the euro zone. European SCPIs are currently among the best SCPIs since the dividends they pay are not subject to social security contributions for rents paid outside our borders.

Yield SCPIs can also be purchased on credit in order to benefit from a leverage effect and increase one’s assets more quickly. This is obviously not the case for life insurance contracts in euro funds which can only be taken out in cash.

Investing your money in SCPIs therefore offers multiple opportunities, both in terms of diversification and in terms of stability. This is why more and more investors are making withdrawals from their life insurance contracts in euros or requesting advances from their banks or insurance companies.

On which SCPI should you place the money from a life insurance buyout?

In addition to the aforementioned European SCPIs, the thematic SCPIs are very promising. This is particularly the case for logistics SCPIs, such as the SCPI Activimmomanaged by Alderan, which enable their subscribers to benefit from the inexorable rise of e-commerce.

This is also the case for healthcare SCPIs, in particular the SCPI Pierval Health, managed by Euryale Asset Management. Healthcare real estate is increasingly popular with investors due in particular to its resilience and the longest lease term for corporate real estate.

There is also a category of SCPIs that is very useful when you don’t know what type of asset to invest in: diversified SCPIs. With regard to French SCPIs, the SCPI Vendome Regionsmanaged by Norma Capital, is an emblematic diversified SCPI since it brings together in its park offices, retail premises and logistics real estate.

How to choose your SCPIs with the money recovered from the funds in euros?

The number of performance SCPIs and that of management companies being increasingly substantial, it is best to seek advice from SCPI specialists. Not content with distributing all the SCPIs on the market, these consultants offer their clients significant and free services while not charging more for their shares.

As confirmed Theo Darromanmanager within The Central SCPI :

We realize for our customers, small or large, tailor-made portfolios with a particular follow-up. We offer them assistance in completing their tax return, and a dedicated telephone line to answer all their questions and offer them new performance REITs that meet our assessment criteria. »

Investing your money in a life insurance policy in euro funds inexorably leads to a loss of purchasing power and this is not what savers are looking for. What they are looking for is to diversify their savings in solid products such as real estate and in particular performance SCPIs which can be acquired with a reduced down payment.

However, before buying a particular performance SCPI, it is essential to seek advice from specialists in SCPIs, such as those of The Central SCPI (, the first SCPI comparator on the market. Their experience is well established after ten years of activity.

Life insurance contracts in euro funds are no longer the pillar of a heritage because of their very disappointing performance. Their prospects, in the light of the significant increase in inflation, are very bleak. This is not the case for yield SCPIs which will continue to yield up to 6% net per year and which are the asset choice of well-informed investors. It is therefore more than ever time to buy back your life insurance in euros to better use your money.

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Investment in an SCPI is not guaranteed, both from the point of view of the dividends received and that of the preservation of capital. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in the real estate markets.

Before any decision to purchase SCPI shares, seek professional advice to be certain that this investment corresponds to your asset profile.

Finally, like any real estate investment, take into account the fact that SCPIs are long-term investments whose minimum holding period cannot be less than eight years.