when and how to change auto insurance?

when and how to change auto insurance?

For various reasons (financial for example), the motorist may decide to change the insurance company for his vehicle. After finding a new contract corresponding to his criteria, he must, in this case, first terminate the current one. A formality whose realization is subject to certain conditions established by law.

In France, all motorists must comply with the legal obligation to cover their car with insurance. The latter must include at least a civil liability guarantee. Knowing that everyone is exposed to the risk of damage or accidents, this constraint applies to all profiles. Experienced drivers are thus, in the same way as young drivers, required to respect it.

In this context, for various reasons, however, you can change your car insurance according to the procedures provided for by law. When can this right be exercised? How do I look for a new contract and terminate the current one? The answers to these questions in this article.

Why change your car insurance contract?

Various reasons can be at the origin of a need for change car insurance. The first of these lies in the search for a more advantageous rate. It should be noted that households spend a relatively large sum of money for insurance coverage. In the medium or long term, reducing monthly contributions therefore leads to an increase in purchasing power.

Another reason for changing auto insurance is dissatisfaction. Indeed, the insured can turn to another company if he received too low compensation after a claim. Similarly, there may be cases where:

  • We want to benefit from a more efficient adviser, more qualitative customer service, etc.;
  • The services offered do not meet his expectations.

You may also simply want to benefit from more protective guarantees following, for example:

  • A change in driving habits;
  • From buying a new car.

When can you change auto insurance?

Today, you are allowed to change insurer for your car anytime after the first twelve months of the contract. Consecrated by the Hamon law, this rule has been in force for seven years. In certain exceptional cases, this right can even be implemented before the first year of engagement. The Insurance Code, in its article L113-16, provides that at any time, it can be invoked in the event:

  • From retirement;
  • A permanent interruption of activity;
  • A change in marital status or regime;
  • A change of profession;
  • Moving to another city.

Find your new car insurance

At first glance, choosing a car insurance policy may seem difficult. So much the subscriber must first determine the level of protection he is seeking. In addition, he will have to make a selection from a myriad of offers on the market.

Thus, it is advisable to perform a car insurance simulation to better understand this situation. Free, this operation can be carried out on the website of the insurers themselves or with brokerage firms.

The use of a car insurance comparator will allow in this sense to balance quotes Car Insurance. In fact, making a car insurance simulation online offers the possibility to seniors, terminated or malussed drivers, etc. to obtain a more profitable offer.

Cancel your current car insurance contract

Regarding the formalities relating to the termination of a commitment that is still valid, they vary according to two contexts. For this purpose, the contractor must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to his current company. This, in the event of a change of situation or for any other reason accepted by law. The letter must contain, among other things:

  • The date of signature and the number of the current contract;
  • The registration of the car;
  • The identity and address of both the insurer and the client.

Under the Hamon law, it is up to the new company to take care of the procedures for breaking the contract. However, the interested party can also choose to take care of it himself.

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