Hair removal, cosmetics… How to save on your beauty routine?

Faced with the plethoric offer offered by the multitude of brands on the beauty market, it is sometimes easy to succumb to the sirens of cosmetics. However, the beauty routine does not always go through the use of a large number of creams, treatments and other serums. Find out how you can save on it!

Determine your needs

Before giving in to a new treatment, ask yourself if you really need it and what you are looking for in acquiring it. Less puffy dark circles, erased fine lines or less sebum?

Secondly, do not hesitate to embark on the sorting of products that you have in your possession, they may already contain the coveted ingredients. In addition, not all skin types require the same needs, so it would be appropriate to clearly identify the products to favor and those to set aside. To do this, don’t hesitate to ask a dermatologist, you won’t be able to go wrong and you’ll go straight to the point!

Opt for basic products

Multiplying cosmetics to erase, hydrate, soothe or protect obviously leads to spending. However, in order to save time and money on a beauty routine, it is advisable to focus on the essentials of the rituals: cleaning, moisturizing and protecting.

Thus, you can choose a gentle product to cleanse your facial skin without attacking it like rose water. It is advisable to direct you to a moisturizer adapted to your skin type which will protect it from external aggressions (wind, sun, pollution). Finally, your epidermis can be protected with a sunscreen that will reduce the harmful effects of UV rays!

Choose 2 in 1 products

Some products have a dual function. For example, when removing makeup in the evening, opt for an oil that will remove makeup, impurities and sebum, but also moisturize your skin for the night. There are also moisturizing and anti-aging serums, dry oils for the body and hair, shampoos that are both conditioners or scrubs that turn into masks. You can also apply a day care that will act as a night care after cleansing your skin in the evening!

Dare some homemade tricks

Feel free to make simple homemade cosmetics with ingredients you have on hand to save money. For gentle hair removal, you can make a 100% natural homemade oriental wax by mixing 2 glasses of sugar, 1/2 a glass of water and the juice of 1/2 a lemon. Reusing coffee grounds to combine with coconut oil will form an effective body scrub. You have the possibility of creating a variant for the face by replacing the coffee grounds with baking soda with finer grains and therefore less abrasive. Finally, green clay will be useful in making hair and face masks. And for a dry shampoo, mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with one of rhassoul. Make way for your new beauty routine!

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