Growth marketing: analysis of this digital strategy

Growth marketing: the digital growth strategy to master

Growth marketing is a digital strategy which is to rapidly increase the growth and turnover of a company. Thanks to several digital marketing techniques, growth marketing aims above all to retain existing customersacquire new ones, but also to increase the company’s profits.

The AARRR framework: the basis of growth marketing

The basis of growth marketing is illustrated by the AARRR-framework. The AARRR method makes it possible to optimize, strengthen and measure each stage of the customer journey, from prospecting to selling.

Here is the AARRR method to follow in a growth marketing strategy :

Acquisition : Acquire as many prospects as possible through several channels (social networks, influencers, SEO, forums, netlinking, press relations, online advertising).

Activation : Encourage new prospects to take their first action: subscribe to a newsletter, follow on social networks. This is also the time to assess your customers’ interests in your business.

Retention : Capturing and retaining the interest of your customers in order to make them interact with your company (cookies, emailing, comments). Increase the life time value of your customer base with an adapted and personalized CRM program

Recommendation : Make your customers ambassadors of your brand. Use sponsorship or advocacy programs to allow the sharing of your posts and news, in particular through social networks. Track the growth of your community.

Revenue : The goal is to maximize the conversion rate. To do this, facilitate online purchases, set up promotions, offer subscriptions

The growth marketing levers to activate

In growth marketing, there are a lot of acquisition levers and growth levers. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and not all are necessarily suitable for your business.

To follow the digital strategy, you must therefore succeed in identifying the levers that will be most beneficial to you in order to attract the maximum number of prospects and increase your growth.

The main acquisition and growth channels to be put in place are as follows:

Online advertisements

Social networks





Collaboration (partnerships, influencers, digital media)

Brand Content: the power of content

Brand Content refers to all strategic content designed by a company. Whether it’s content that tells a story, a know-how, that reveals something new, you have to share it differently with the consumer to arouse his attention and make him want to establish a relationship of trust with your company.

A brand content strategy is based above all on the quality of the product or service, but also on the values ​​of the company. The goal is listen to customer needs and maintain social ties with them.

Millions of pieces of content are published and shared every day on the web. It is therefore essential to define a content strategy important and consistent with the identity of his company. To help you with your Brand Content strategy, you can call on one of the growth marketing leaderslike the growth marketing agency Les Causantes.

Brand Content has many advantages such as making your brand credible, asserting your positioning, increasing your visibility and his fame. Do not neglect this powerful growth marketing lever for your business.

Programmatic and display advertising

For quickly drive traffic to your website, but also to build customer loyalty, it is possible to use programmatic advertising and display. That consists of the purchase of advertising space automatically on social networks or media sites.

For this purpose, the programmatic collects specific audience and targeting data to track customer habits and behaviors. By focusing on user data, programmatic makes it possible to set up personalized and relevant advertising at the right time on the right site to increase sales.

Programmatic now extends to levers historical media such as TVdisplay (DOOH) and radio.

Influencer strategy

Collaborating with influencers is a great way to reach a wide audience. Thanks to the notoriety and reach of influencers, you can boost your visibility, your sales and therefore your growth.

A influencer strategy allows you to launch a product, talk about a new offer, a new brand, share your content, highlight your products or services. It is essential to take into account the popularity of the influencer (macro or micro) according to your objectives and your budget.

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