Olivia, Nicolas Marcaud, Delphine et Gregory, en compagnie du chien Spartacus, sont quatre des sept associés qui ont fondé la société Klian basée à Pont-Audemer (Eure).

In Pont-Audemer, the new insurance company Klian wants to hire 80 people over four years

Olivia, Nicolas Marcaud, Delphine and Gregory, along with the dog Spartacus, are four of the seven partners who founded the Klian company based in Pont-Audemer (Eure).

It is an adventure in which Nicolas Marcaud starts as a family, with his companion Delphine and his son Theo. And in all, they are seven partners to have created the Klian company, located in the rue du President Georges Pompidou in Pont Audemer (Eure). There is even Spartacus, their dog and mascot. Their goal: “to dust off the world of insurance”. How ?

With good people and good tools for good insurance guarantees. Our goal is to reduce intermediaries to offer products in a simpler and faster way, and that you can subscribe while sitting on your sofa.

Nicolas MarcaudKlian co-founder

The great innovation, which incidentally caught the attention of the investment bank BPI, is a artificial intelligence software developed by Théo, the son, to process the documents necessary for taking out insurance.

The customer will take a picture of the documents with his phone and the application will complete the file, there will be no need to send them by email or by post.

Nicolas MarcaudKlian co-founder

Recruitment in progress

Klian is not an insurance company, but a broker, in other words a distributor like Axa or Allianz. “We negotiate products and prices with national insurance and behind it, we try to have the right product for the right person. We will do the most with people and service. »

In order to soon launch its first insurance offer, which will concern 50 cubic centimeter two-wheelers, the Klian company is recruiting five “Klian assistance attachés” who will guide users who so wish in their choices. Each customer will have their designated contact person, and they can also contact them via Facebook and Whatsapp messaging.

In all, Klian plans to hire 80-90 people over four years.

It will depend on our pace. We’re currently preparing for the launch, we’ll have to run in to do things right. I think that within a year, we will be looking for around thirty developers, specialists in data, artificial intelligence, or compensation.

Nicolas MarcaudKlian co-founder

At the origin of Assurone in Pont-Audemer

The company began to settle in November 2021 in the former premises of Pôle emploi, with an area of ​​500 m2. In this set of open spaces and work rooms, the partners offer a “modern work organization. Employees work there today, they will work from home tomorrow. There is even a person who lives in Moscow. However, Nicolas Marcaud also believes in the “local roots” of Klian in Pont-Audemer.

With Delphine, Nicolas Marcaud had founded years ago Live M in Pont-Audemer, which became Assurone after its partial takeover. Last year, the couple was no longer in adequacy with the group and sold their shares, hence this new project.

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In a few weeks, Klian will appear on the sites of insurance comparators. After two-wheelers, the new company will expand its offerings to automobiles, housing, professionals, health and even pets. Pending the end of the development phase, applications are open.

Contact to apply: julie@klian.fr; future website: klian.fr

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