Personal Development Conferences: Professional Inspiration Summit

Welcome to the Professional Inspiration Summit edition.

This summit is a reflection of the evolution that I have perceived in the professional world over the past 5 years, it aims to be different and visionary.

For a week, you will be able to discover inspiring subjects and people who are shaping the professional world as I see it emerging.

– A professional world much closer to our personal worlds.
– A professional world which combines the forces of rational and spiritual visions, which navigates between visible and invisible, which understands that it is not because things cannot be seen that they do not exist.
– A world that combines intuition with the lean approach, soul families with self-confidence, entrepreneurship with quantum physics.
– A professional world that makes sense because it allows us to be connected to our soul in what we do on a daily basis and to have a positive impact on the world around us.

I wanted to bring together profiles and themes that we are not used to seeing together, so that we can all open our horizons, challenge our ways of thinking and build bridges.

My intention is to create a context of inspiration and activation allowing to generate awareness and to transmit practical advice that will allow us to dare to shine and carry our activity, our work even higher…

The Summit takes place online, from April Friday until April and brings together 30 speakers during conferences, round tables & workshops.

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We will cover topics such as:

– Take care of yourself and the plant
– Re-inventing our models of success
– Entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship
– New world, new leaders

But also :
– Indispensable complementarity between feminine and masculine energies
– Leader with heart
– The dme families
– Quantum business

We are pleased to welcome as speakers: Tatiana Silva, Eaden R., Adeline Barras, Oumayma Rose, Emmanuelle Monaco, Marie Winand, Christelle Dewaele, Margaux Hammann, Cathy Assenheim, Marjolaine Gailly, Hlne Feuillat, Alix Rufas, Caroline Weiler, Eve Dumon, Steven Herteleer, Tina Fleur, Emilie Sickinghe, Lela Maidane, Frdric Storme, Elonore de Posson, Victoria Bardiau, Emilie Duchne, Elodie Wilmes, Carolina Vermeersch, Vinz Kant, Emilie de Morteuil & Nicolas Blain and Maxime Barbier.

This Summit, I dedicate it to those of you who have one day felt too cramped, even snuffed out, in a box, a company or a reality.

This Summit, I dedicate it to those of you who want to move forward courageously towards your dreams every day, whatever the challenges and excuses that come along the way.

Finally, this Summit, I dedicate it to those who inspire me on a daily basis and help me to continue when the path is uncertain and chaotic, and I hope that these conferences will be so many reasons for you to continue moving forward.

Welcome to this beautiful adventure


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