[Tribune] 3 marketing trends for 2022 to watch, understand, integrate, adopt

[Tribune] 3 marketing trends for 2022 to watch, understand, integrate, adopt

Let’s take the pulse of the trends to follow closely in 2022 to continue to innovate, inspire, attract, seduce, convince… and ultimately pull the right strings to meet the desires and needs of today’s consumers. More participatory and social than ever, marketing must once again reinvent itself in 2022 and look further to serve its purposes: brand awareness, lead generation, increased sales, engagement and revenue. Social networks, personalized and conversational marketing remain priorities to increase brand awareness. Automation is also growing, to work smarter and AI is becoming part of our habits.

1. Social networks: mastering the channels that matter

If the era of consumers has reigned for some time now, the pandemic has accelerated the takeover of these players and they are well established in charge for 2022. To communicate with customers and prospects, you still need to know where to find them and closely follow the evolution of social networks which monopolizes a large part of their attention, an attention that is ever more volatile and yet essential to any marketing action. With a peak of conversations mentioning TikTok reached last July1, impossible to miss the avant-garde influence channel in 2022. The other platforms have also been largely inspired by it: Instagram Reels, for example, is a concept inspired by the TikTok platform and Reddit has released a format video that looks surprisingly like the one on TikTok. Some brands will continue to have reservations about the potential of TikTok, but the pandemic has revealed the value of this new application in terms of connecting directly with current and future consumers. With different codes and uses closely followed by other platforms, brands can find new visibility there by gaining direct interactions with consumers who also use this medium in an omnichannel way. And in terms of the channels used in marketing, social networks will continue to overtake sites.

2. Towards ever more automation

Automation is a growing trend that should be confirmed in 2022. 76% of companies said they were already using it a year ago, either for task management, content automation or even chatbots. Marketing is the sector that uses automation the most, with the aim of working smarter, not harder. In email campaign strategies, marketers also tend to favor segmentation, personalization and automation. If the automation of emails may seem at first sight the last thing to do to seduce customers and prospects, they nevertheless remain – used in an adequate way – an essential resource to prospect certainly, but also to educate, sensitize, guide, tell a story on the longest term and thus make a brand known. In two words, they create: trust and connection. And over time, that translates into customers for life. If you do it right, you will create real relationships beyond simple transactions.

3. Conversational marketing and AI strategy

Chatbots, AI, conversational marketing or live chats can still seem difficult to grasp, the preserve of specialized developers who could cost a fortune. However, today they are widely used tools, and within the reach of all companies, small or large. Offering the opportunity to contact a professional, to answer a client’s questions 24/7 is a highly appreciated commodity that must not only be had but taken care of on a daily basis. In 2021, 47% of marketers say they use bots², which are now easier to integrate into websites and easier to use. AI, likewise, finds its place in most of the tools used, facilitating the work on the one hand and offering intelligent help for predictions on the other. Main conversion and optimization tool, its use has literally exploded in the last two years, and will continue to become more popular in 2022.

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The author: Julia Cames, Senior Marketing Manager France at HubSpot

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