NSIA-Vie Assurances provides the solution to make life easier for families

NSIA-Vie Assurances provides the solution to make life easier for families

Magloire Dochamou, CEO of NSIA-Vie Assurance ”Under the palaver tree”: NSIA-Vie Assurances provides the solution to make life easier for families

Magloire Dochamou, DG NSIA Vie Assurance, last Sunday at the headquarters of l’Evènement Précis

The Managing Director of NSIA Vie Assurances, Magloire Dochamou is the guest of ”Sous l’arbre à palaver” of the newspaper l’Evènement Précis. In front of journalists, he spoke on Sunday, April 24, 2022, of the many advantages offered by NSIA Vie Assurances Benin to Beninese since 2005, both in terms of savings and provident products. NSIA Vie’s offers allow people on the one hand to prepare for their retirement or period of reduced activity, to settle the question of health care at retirement but also to ensure the continuation of the education of their offspring even in absence of parent; on the other hand, thanks to NSIA Vie contracts, people can more easily resolve inheritance issues by providing capital to be paid to each member of their family with all the tax advantages associated with it but above all the assurance of a rapid and without history. With NSIA Vie products, it is also possible for people to benefit from financial assistance to help them organize expensive funeral ceremonies under our skies despite reminders to exercise restraint. All these offers are made available to the populations at costs specially studied to allow each citizen to subscribe to them not only according to their socio-professional category, but also according to their purchasing power. According to DG Dochamou, NSIA Vie Assurances provides solutions to make life easier for families. During this very enriching exchange, our guest briefly presented some of the company’s flagship products, in particular NSIA Études (which allows parents to anticipate the financing of their children’s higher education) NSIA Pension et Retraite (which allow them to benefit from a Retirement supplement of your choice), NSIA Vitalis (which provides treatment upon admission to retirement or at the end of an agreed end-of-activity period), NSIA Alodo (which offers capital to the guardian of a child in order to allow him to continue his education in the event of the death of his parent), NAF (which allows him to benefit from financial assistance for the management of all or part of the funeral expenses. He did not miss to invite people to contact NSIA Vie Assurances Benin via its website or through its social channels for more information on its offers and other products. The guest of the newspaper insists on the importance of the subscription of its contracts by the p populations in order to protect themselves but also to protect their families from need in the event of sudden death or as a result of illness. According to him, “In Africa, people unfortunately do not insure themselves for several reasons, but one of them, and not the least, is the lack of knowledge of insurance products, their content, but above all the rights and obligations of the insured”. It is to correct this situation and create a feeling of confidence and serenity with respect to its products that NSIA Vie Benin has been working for several years to raise awareness among the populations, convinced that if they understand and are reassured of the relevance of the made to them, they will massively subscribe to its offers. Magloire Dochamou in the wake of his explanations specifies that beyond this role of protecting families, a massive subscription of populations to insurance products in general and those of NSIA Vie Benin in particular can considerably reduce the financial dependence of countries African countries and therefore Benin vis-à-vis the outside world, given that the premiums collected by insurers, due to their role as institutional investors, can be made available to States in the form of bond loans or treasury bonds, which will make it easier for the State to finance its development projects in favor of the populations, in particular road infrastructure, hospitals, boreholes, the construction of schools, which are all projects that directly impact the lives of the people. According to the guest who is also the author of two books, the last of which is entitled: “And if we all insured? », there is a strong correlation between the development of the insurance industry and the development of African States. Continuing his remarks, the guest postulates that the States have a strong interest in creating the institutional framework and promoting the development of this industry which, if it is better managed, can be an accelerator for the development of our country. Asked about what differentiates NSIA Vie Assurances from other life insurance companies in Benin, Magloire Dochamou cited the following strengths: young and dynamic team oriented towards customer satisfaction. Its solid financial capacity which favors the good performance of its commitments vis-à-vis its customers. Its membership of a pan-African NSIA group which has operating rules, in particular for customer satisfaction, aligned with international standards like large groups and NSIA Vie Benin is ISO 9001 Version 2015 certified, which testifies to its firm will to work to constantly improve services to customers. Its products are innovative and adapted to the needs and accessible to all sections of the population according to their purchasing power.. Our guest insists on the fact for the populations, not only to insure themselves but to move towards an insurer capable of keeping its commitments as NSIA Life gives the commitment. This is why the Director General of NSIA Vie Assurances wants citizens, regardless of their socio-professional category, to subscribe massively to the offers of NSIA Vie Benin to benefit from the many advantages of the said products in their daily lives. “We aim to impact all families. All our actions are oriented towards the populations”, he reassures. Speaking of geographical coverage in addition to its four underwriting offices (Cotonou, Bohicon, Porto-Novo, Bohicon) NSIA Vie Assurances cooperates with more than thirty-three (33) micro-finance structures throughout the territory. This gives it approximately two hundred to three hundred points of sale with the capacity to offer NSIA insurance products to customers.

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