Mother's Day in Belgium: dates, origins and gift ideas

Mother’s Day in Belgium: dates, origins and gift ideas

Mother’s Day is coming soon. Have you always wanted to know everything about this holiday which celebrates one of the people most dear to our hearts and to find some nice gift ideas to offer? Find out all about this festival with very ancient pagan origins.

In Belgium, as in many European countries, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May. In 2022, mothers will therefore be celebrated on May 8. This will be an opportunity to prepare a small gift for one of the most extraordinary women in our lives, to make a surprise visit or to leave a bouquet of flowers on the doorstep. But who invented this tradition, where does it come from and how do we celebrate mothers around the world?

Where does Mother’s Day come from?

Mother’s Day: the Greeks celebrate fertility and fecundity

Mother’s Day has multiple origins, the first traces of which date back to Antiquity. The Greeks were already celebrating Zeus’ mother, Rhea in early spring. The ides of March were also an opportunity to venerate the fertility of the earth and the fecundity. This tradition will then be taken up by the Romans who celebrate the Matronolia, mothers of families.

Mother’s Day: Christianity and Motherhood

On the fourth Sunday of Lent, Christians celebrated motherhood. Unlike the Greeks who worship the maternal figure, among Christians, motherhood is little discussed. One of the rare celebrations that evokes the mother takes place on Laetare Sunday. The Mass for that day makes explicit reference to mother’s milk. Custom dictates that for this special liturgy, one goes to the mother church, that is to say the cathedral or the largest church in the vicinity. This is an opportunity to meet as whole and complete families.

Mother’s Day: in the United States a story of love and war

At the beginning of the 18th century, Anna Jarvis, a peace activist begins to found mothers’ clubs. Inspired by Julia Ward How, she invites mothers to unite for peace. Anna Jarvis herself was very close to her mother and she sees this day as an opportunity to create a moment of femmage for all the mothers in the world. In 1914, Mother’s Day became an official holiday. This is how the Mother’s Day was born.

When do we celebrate mothers around the world?

Mothers are celebrated in many parts of the world and it is often in May that we celebrate those who give life. In Belgium, Italy, the United States or Canada, mothers are celebrated on the second Sunday of May, while in France this holiday takes place on the last Sunday of May. Norway celebrates mothers in February while in Indonesia this celebration takes place in December. Argentinian mamas are showered with gifts in October. If the tradition of celebrating mothers is global, we see that the times of the year differ. On this special day, the little touches are in order. Chocolates, jewels and bouquets of flowers for the older children while the little ones bring out the traditional noodle necklace, songs and poems. Since the dawn of time and everywhere in the world it is the day when we declare our love to the one who has spent so much time wiping away tears, consoling small and big sorrows and cheering up in moments of doubt. .

In Europe, tradition dictates that we give gifts on Mother’s Day, but this is not the case everywhere. In Thailand, it is a national holiday, the streets are adorned with blue and the country lights up with candles and fireworks. In Ethiopia Mother’s Day lasts 3 days and is known as Antrosht. It is the occasion of a great family feast associated with dances. It celebrates motherhood, but also the end of the rainy season.

3 gift ideas for an unforgettable Mother’s Day

May 8 nextyou’ll probably want to spoil your mom and show her your love with a little present or attention. Bouquets of flowers, dining out, photo album or home appliance, the choice is vast. Here is a selection of the best gift ideas to please him.

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