Vendée.  Alcohol, no license, no gray card or insurance: the young dad accumulates driving offenses

Vendée. Alcohol, no license, no gray card or insurance: the young dad accumulates driving offenses

The 27-year-old father had about 1 gram of alcohol in his blood when he was arrested driving his car. ©

Alexis* lives in Pouzauges and is raising her 6-year-old son alone.

He works on fixed-term contracts for €1,500 per month and foresees a permanent contract for the next school year. He appears in a neat shirt and sweater at the helm of the La Roche-sur-Yon Criminal Court Monday April 25, 2022.

But June 21, 2021, around 8 p.m.when the gendarmes check him at the wheel of his vehicle, he has accumulated the offenses : driver’s license not extended, no insurance, gray card in the name of the former owner… and to top it all, 1 gram of alcohol per liter of exhaled blood !

beer and whiskey

I came home after celebrating the retirement of a colleague from work. There, I drank two beers. Then, my colleagues called me back to invite themselves to my house. There, I drank some whiskey again. Afterwards, I went to my brother’s, because I absolutely had to collect papers for my son.

The defendant, during his trial, at the bar of the court of La Roche-sur-Yon

An explanation that puzzled the president of the court. “These papers, couldn’t they wait until the next day?” she asks the defendant. “Why wasn’t the gray card in your name, why wasn’t the vehicle insured? continues Isabelle Jubineau.

Alexis attempts a more detailed explanation: “My brother is a volunteer firefighter and he had to take care of him that evening. The next day, he was going on vacation and I needed these documents for my son, ”explains the 27-year-old dad in court.

Then he explains that this last year has been “complicated” for him, with an ex-spouse who “prevented him from seeing his son” before he recovered sole custody of the child.

I moved several times with my son and I did not give the addresses to my insurer. For the license, I had not done the medical examination.

Alexis, the defendant

“Overwhelmed by Circumstances”

His lawyer points out that “he was overwhelmed by events when he regained custody of his child who was the subject of violence from the mother”. She pleads “the lack of financial means to update the gray card”, for this vehicle purchased in September 2020, a year before the facts.

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He lost his job after this arrest, because he had to travel a lot and he went from €1400 to €700 in unemployment benefits. Today, he got his license and a job back, but I will ask you not to set a deadline for him to go directly to his driver’s license

Alexis’ lawyer

Alexis indeed needs his driving license to drive his son to extracurricular activities, medical monitoring and for his work.

“An inappropriate attitude”

The prosecutor denounces “an inappropriate attitude”. “When you need your license, you take steps to keep it and you don’t drive while drunk. »

It requires 100 day-fines of €4, the cancellation of the driving licence, two fines of €75 and the confiscation of the vehicle.

“I regret and I punished myself by doing that”, concludes the defendant, who receives three months suspended prison sentence, a cancellation of the driving license and the prohibition to retake it for one month.

The car is confiscated and he will have to pay two fines of €50 for fines.

“A lenient sentence which takes into account your personal situation”, declared the president of the court, despite a record already loaded with six convictions between 2014 and 2019 for lack of insurance, threat, damage and theft.

* The first name has been changed

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