Tout savoir sur le Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Everything you need to know about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a concept widely used in the world of Digital Marketing in general and customer acquisition in particular.

  • What is it concretely?
  • What are its objectives ?
  • How does it set up?

I tell you everything in the rest of this article.

Conversion Rate Optimization: what is it?

Meaning “conversion rate optimization” in French, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a set of techniques and processes implemented to improve the changes, or more simply the conversion rate, of a website. In particular, it allows visitors to the site to evolve towards a certain level of commitment.

This can correspond to subscribing to a newsletter, placing an order (or a purchase) or even filling out a form. It can also be the downloading of a file depending on the type of sites and the objectives of the company.

Despite its great effectiveness, the concept is still little known by a large part of site managers, business leaders and marketers. These focus instead on generating traffic, which is not a systematic guarantee of conversions. However, mentalities have changed in recent years and CRO is gaining popularity with SMEs and large companies.

In practice, the fields of application of Conversion Rate Optimization are numerous. While web page optimization is the most widespread and documented application, it is worth mentioning that the CRO strategy can also apply to a company’s social networks. It also applies to different levels of conversion on the same site: home page, product page, blog, prices page, etc.

The CRO and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are two distinct but complementary concepts. SEO is essentially used to drive traffic to the company’s site from search engines while CRO is focused on converting attracted visitors into leads, prospects and customers. Their joint implementation is a business growth accelerator.

What are the main methods of CRO?

For increase the conversion rate of a website, there are many factors that digital marketers can act on. However, the following three elements generally take precedence over all others:

  • the contents,
  • design,
  • visitor segmentation.

Here are the main actions implemented relating to these elements for a rapid increase in conversions.

Content optimization

Content is one of the elements that most influences the behavior of Internet users on a website. As part of a Conversion Rate Optimization strategy, the specialist therefore looks for the details on which he can act to make content more engaging and engaging.

Content optimization

What are the most effective words to integrate into call-to-action buttons to trigger a reaction in the user? What vocabulary and writing style are recommended to appeal to readers’ emotions and engage them? What are the most effective formats vis-à-vis the target?

Proper optimization of these different pieces of content can significantly boost conversion rate of the site. Most of the time, it is necessary for the company implementing the CRO strategy to do A/B testing to find the best optimization combinations to achieve good results.

Modification or change of design

the design of a website or a mobile application hugely influences the user experience and how visitors perceive an interface. A modification or change can therefore boost conversions in some cases.

CRO, Conversion Rate Optimization

As part of a CRO strategy, the elements on which specialists intervene most often are these different points:

  • Colors,
  • The presentation of the pages,
  • Icons and pictograms,
  • typeface,
  • The alignment of the navigation elements…

It is not always necessary to make drastic changes to obtain convincing results. A slight color touch-up is sometimes enough to increase the number of Internet users who click on a button on the site or follow an internal link. The fluidity and simplicity of navigation are also fundamental design components that can be optimized for conversion rate improvement.

Here too, A/B testing is the main tool that helps the company choose the design elements that provide the best performance.

Visitor segmentation

Not all visitors to a website access it for the same purpose and in the same way. While some are simply looking for information, others may find themselves on the site by chance without any intention of buying. Still others land on the site’s pages because they are genuinely interested in the services offered and want to make an immediate purchase.

Visitor segmentation

In this context, a visitor segmentation is best way to improve conversion rate. The company thus focuses on the groups of visitors most likely to carry out the desired action and directs its content strategy towards them. The design can also be designed to meet the expectations of these respective segments.

Segmentation makes it possible to obtain better results compared to a situation in which all site visitors are considered as a group of Internet users with the same characteristics.

What are the benefits of CRO?

Around the purpose of CRO, which is to improve the conversion rate, there are a multitude of other advantages that we do not often think of. The Conversion Rate Optimization allows first to have an effective website that provides an excellent user experience. All the pages being optimized to advance Internet users in the conversion tunnel, they have a good design, integrate very high quality content and display excellent technical performance.

What are the benefits of CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization

The CRO method then helps to have a better knowledge of its target: problems, behaviors, preferences, expectations… It is an obligation to be able to implement actions aimed at arousing the commitment of visitors and pushing them to action. . Conversion Rate Optimization is finally a guarantee of growth when it is correctly implemented.

The company can thus generate sales, realize a better turnover and therefore more profit. It can then reinvest part of these resources in the Digital Marketing in order to further improve its conversions.

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