your personal development at the service of your professional success

Today, the professional world is a changing environment. New professions are emerging, management must adapt to several generations, standards and values ​​are changing and new types of work organization are appearing. As a coaching firm and training organization, Efficience Consulting puts people at the heart of these questions, as a factor of development, novelty, commitment and performance through the co-creation of a fulfilling professional environment. .

The themes inherent in benevolent collaborative management, the development of soft-skills, life balance, etc., come up in number in the area of ​​professional well-being. Thus, personal fulfillment is the vector of professional success. The idea is therefore to properly identify and explore all the resources available to humans to apply their new potential within their professional organization and, from there, be the actor of their performance. To face these challenges of individual and/or collective transformation, Efficience Consulting supports its clients over the long term, with a dedicated team of certified coaches and tailor-made services.

Efficience Consulting: your personal development at the service of your professional success EfficiencyConsulting

Revealing the best of oneself in the service of one’s professional environment

Efficience Consulting aims to realign the 3 energies “Head-Heart-Body”; that is, the linking of intellectual curiosity, emotional enthusiasm and physical action. The idea is to learn to act differently and to reveal the best of oneself in the service of well-defined professional objectives.

The firm’s expertise is based on 3 pillars:

  • Professional coaching (individual of managers and leaders, teams and organizations),
  • skills assessment,
  • Personal development (training).

Change way of thinking and acting through coaching

In these perpetually changing times, adaptability and the ability to evolve have become essential forces for any person and collective, wishing to flourish and perform. Positions of responsibility, targeted by managers and executives, require these qualities to involve all employees in a virtuous dynamic. Fortunately, this is learned, experienced, experienced and anchored in the long term. To do this, it all starts with yourself and learning to look at a situation differently. From there, you will meet your new internal resources, make unexpected alliances with yourself and others or dare to make other decisions by stepping out of your comfort zone. The purpose being the success of your professional objectives such as your managerial posture, finding your place within a collective, daring your professional development or even projecting yourself serenely into the future.

The need for development is just as essential for organizations and the teams that make them up. Indeed, the addition of differences in character, culture, background and ideas is the strength of a team and its company. Collective coaching thus aims to establish team cohesion towards a common shared objective.

Get to know yourself better to dare your leadership and skills

Personal development remains the starting point of any evolution. Knowing one’s preferred personality, appreciating and visualizing one’s strengths and potential for improvement is a fundamental working basis. Thus, the accompaniment makes it possible to explore several axes of development such as questioning rather than judging, combining one’s intuition with more pragmatic elements of reflection, knowing how to listen to oneself or feel. This combination of levers leads irremediably to better social relations, better imperviousness to stress, a greater ability to speak in public and a finer ability to listen to adapt one’s management. Or a panel of essential qualities to feel good about yourself, without being held back by your limiting beliefs and fears. The goal is to succeed in surpassing oneself, daring, creating, having self-confidence, asserting oneself, and becoming better. Efficience Consulting provides you with recognized tools, tests and questionnaires, such as the MBTI questionnaire, to allow you to regain control of your professional life.

Take a step back, breathe, ask yourself to think, this is what the skills assessment allows. The idea is to take stock of the direction to take to find balance in your professional and personal life. The benefits are twofold: once finished, it is possible for the coachee to discover their possibilities for development and to become aware of their strengths to apply, for a new start.

Together, it is possible to realize that nothing is fixed. On the contrary, each situation is a source of opportunities to no longer suffer, adapt, innovate, rise and dare to achieve personal and professional goals.


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