Nail art: discover the 2022 trends for hot nails!

Nail art: discover the 2022 trends for hot nails!

This year, we let our creativity speak to the tips of our nails! If nail art did not wait until 2022 to make its way into our beauty routines, we are having fun following the latest fashionable manicures. So, what are the nail art trends that are making the buzz in 2022 on social networks?

What we love about the art of manicure is that there is something for all levels. Thus, if you are not an expert of the “dotting tool” (this small nail art accessory that is used to make small colored dots on the nails), you can still create a surprise on your well hydrated hands. How ? To start, try a multicolored manicure! Choose a main color and one or two complementary colors, which you can apply to a few nails, for a manicure with a simple, yet quirky design.

If you don’t have the soul of a (nail) artist, or your hand shaking when trying to pattern, no worries. False nails, also called “press on”, allow us to wow the gallery with our nails. Thanks to industry innovations, press-on false nails are now more durable than ever before, and more comfortable to wear too. Easy to apply, they stick to the nail itself, before being filed as you would with your real nails!

Trendy nail polish colors in 2022

The right choice of colors is the key to a successful nail art. To make sure you’re not mistaken, take a look at the Pantone color of the year: you’ll be sure to surf the manicure trends! In 2022, the renowned paint brand revealed that the color of the year was “Very Peri”, a delicate pale purple which proves to us that pastel colors are still here for a long time. If this beautiful lilac is not to your liking, let yourself be tempted by nail art in dusty pink, water-based mint green or even sky blue.

Other trendy colors in 2022 for your nail art: neutral shades. A warm beige, an icy brown or even a ballerina pink will have the most beautiful effect for those who favor elegance in their look, right down to the tips of their nails. But these more classic shades don’t mean we can’t have fun!

What nail art to be trendy this year?

French manicure is not about to leave the podium of nail art trends, but in 2022 it is revisited for even more originality. We hear more and more about of the “American Manicure”, which consists of a more discreet French. To reproduce it, just paint the tip of your nail with a white varnish as for the classic version, but then we will paint the whole nail with a pale pink varnish, including the white tip. This will allow for a softer manicure.

But the American Manicure has opened the door to many innovations when it comes to the classic varnish at the end of the nail: thus, we change the palette to adorn our French manicure with pop shades, even downright neon. The reverse French has also been talked about, especially on Bella Hadid’s nails. It consists of an accent of varnish placed not at the end of the nail, but at the cuticle of the latter.

For those who would like to go even further with their nail art, a trend to follow will be that of relief. In 2022, we forget the practical and we say a big “yes” 3D patterns on our nails! Elegant white pearls, small chic crystals, or downright charms to embellish your nails: nothing is too big for a top manicure.

© Tiko GiorgadzeThe French manicure is modernized in 2022

Photo credits: Evelyn Semenyuk

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