Here's why ceramide-rich cosmetics are essential for the skin

Here’s why ceramide-rich cosmetics are essential for the skin

Ceramides are often used in cosmetic products, but what is their value for the health and beauty of the skin? We will explain everything to you.

Ceramides are among the key ingredients in skincare products that aim to replenish, protect and strengthen the skin barrier. Here’s what they’re for and some tips for incorporating them into your skincare routine.

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are lipids naturally present in the skin and which contribute to its protection and hydration. They are found in the membrane of our cells, but also between the cells of the epidermis where they form the intercellular cement.

Bénédicte Dallemand, medical training manager for CeraVe, explains to Madmoizelle:

Imagine a protective wall: the cells of the skin are the bricks and the ceramides the cement. The stronger your cement, the stronger your wall.

Ceramides represent 50% of our skin lipids and they are part of a global strategy to keep skin healthy, perfectly protected from external aggressions (UV, pollution, cold, stripping cosmetics, etc.) and well hydrated.

Unfortunately, the quality and quantity of these natural ceramides decreases with age, which is not a consequence for the skin which can become drier and rougher, but also show signs of irritation and dehydration. This is where cosmetics come in!

Which skin types can benefit from the benefits of ceramides?

Since ceramides are essential components for maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier, all skin types can benefit from their virtuesfor the face but also for the body.

Bénédicte Dallemand enlightens us:

From constitutional dry skin to temporary dry skin – when the skin feels tight after exposure to the sun or a dip in the pool – through atopic dry skin or suffering from psoriasis, as well as mature skin, all are deficient ceramides and should use skincare products containing ceramides.

This is also true for acne-prone skin: the lack of ceramides causes a thickening of the stratum corneum which promotes the appearance of comedones.

Clearly, if ceramides are not yet part of the short list of your daily cosmetic ingredients, it’s time to send out the invitations.

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How to integrate ceramides into your beauty routine?

Many skin care and hygiene products contain ceramides, just choose according to your needs and consumption habits.

For the expert, the important thing is to get started:

You can use face and body creams, but there are also makeup removers and shower gels and oils that contain ceramides. Any care containing these lipids will be beneficial for the skin, and the choice is not lacking!

Ceramides fit easily into a skincare routine and can help achieve “beautiful skin” goals more easily. If you need a lot of hydration, they combine perfectly with hyaluronic acid and glycerin, another bio-identical ingredient. If it’s the shine that’s failing, you can use a vitamin C treatment in the morning and a cream rich in ceramides in the evening. For more mature skin, the duo of lipids upon waking and retinol at bedtime also works very well. All combinations are possible, so make the most of it!

Shopping for ceramide-rich skincare

Here's why ceramide-rich cosmetics are essential for the skin

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Here's why ceramide-rich cosmetics are essential for the skin

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Here's why ceramide-rich cosmetics are essential for the skin

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Here's why ceramide-rich cosmetics are essential for the skin

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Here's why ceramide-rich cosmetics are essential for the skin

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