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Compulsory passage to evolve

Yes the digital revolution is well underway, we must not miss the train to position ourselves on the labor market in the months and years to come. If the web jobs are on the rise and the majority of students have digital in their program, they still have to find their way and specialize.

Social networks through community management, digital marketing or e-commerce, are levers very widely discussed by the media and practiced by a large majority of companies. Being on the Internet has even become one of the major challenges for any type of structure, and it seems inconceivable not to be trained on these levers.

digital marketing Being a compendium of marketing methods adapted to the web, with a large proportion of analysis and performance research, it has become one of the key levers through which one should pass to have a first advantage in one’s pocket.

Training in digital marketing can quickly become a necessity!

Do we need to be specifically trained in digital marketing?

If today marketing is more associated with digital marketing, it can easily be compared to communication, which is also becoming digital. One does not go without the other insofar as it is a question of using web levers to communicate and promote one’s brand, one’s company, etc. Commerce completes the whole thing where it is a question of taming new universes. such as social selling or copywriting.

It therefore seems essential to learn about digital marketing, when you want to join a company that integrates the Internet into its business. Let’s not forget that digital marketing as such includes other axes such as referencing, emailing, web advertising, etc. It is a vast universe that can still lead students to pursue a specialization.

Prioritize marketing and communication courses

This is why some Bachelor course like this one : Marketing & Communication will establish the direct relationship between these 2 strategic pillars by putting content at the center. They have understood that the future depends on solid skills in marketing and communication, to have their entry ticket into business.

In the labor market, digital is in full swing! The prerequisites involve skills and abilities in the search for performance and the deployment of online strategies. Concealing digital marketing would mean backtracking on an ecosystem that is being built around the Internet.

If it is not digital marketing, then we will aim for courses more oriented towards communication and/or e-business for example.

Online business requires digital marketing skills

Yes online business always brings together this same triptych of commerce, marketing and communication. The web placed in the center, thus becomes the tool through which it is necessary to adapt its speech and the promotion of its offer in all its forms. Produce content, search for web positioning thanks to natural reference and using social networks to work on its visibility and image are becoming the new standards.

So when you develop your online offer, it becomes essential to use digital marketing, because it is the notion of performance and strategy that will be at the center. Upstream it will be a question of bringing together a set of means and tools to achieve this performance. Content production being one of them, it is probably the most important when you start with the search for visibility.

To the content will be added the SEO part, which will aim to optimize it for get a better position on search engines. It is thus obvious that digital marketing, like online communication, will be preferred to learn the mechanics of the web. The entire digital ecosystem aimed at performance research, in the broad sense of the term, will therefore have to be considered.

Emailing, inbound marketing and automation

When we talk about the performance of marketing actions, it is obvious that solutions and various tools will be necessary. The piloting of certain online actions will call on theinbound marketinga means by which we seek to attract the customer to us, in this case on our website.

The idea being to offer specific content up to white papers dealing with expertise or customer cases, through which one can identify. Calls-to-action will be set up on the site, to lead the customer to interact and show interest in our product/service offer.

Inbound marketing and strategy

Finally, all this will be reinforced by emailing and creation of recovery scenarios or content distribution on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the opening and/or click rates, marketing automation solutions will make it possible to create typical scenarios. If a prospect clicks on such content, such information will be sent to him or if he does not click, an automatic reminder may be triggered. Finally, suitable offers can be sent to leads who show a strong interest.

To ensure retention of qualified leads over a fixed period or not, a community management based on lead nurtering can be put in place. It’s about nurturing leads with content, interacting with them, and bringing them to the point where they’re ready to make a purchase.

All these various strategies, techniques and actions will be encompassed in digital marketing. To develop expertise in one area more than another, it will then be a question of continuing with specific training.

In conclusion

It is almost essential in our time to go through the digital marketing box if you want to join a company developing its business online. Training is a necessity for students entering the job market. If the web professions are numerous, it is advisable to specialize little by little to have a solid background and real expertise in a particular field.

Digital marketing and communication are entry points and universes to master in 2022 and beyond. Perfecting your practice of social networks is a real plus without learning community management.

Train yourself and be on the lookout for new technologies, including the metavers, which are likely to shake up the new directions of online business. Virtual consumption is on the doorstep and here again digital marketing will inevitably be part of it.

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