Boosting your career when you’re a woman: how personal development can help

It often happens, when you are a woman, that you want, at some point, to take control of your career, to give it the direction it deserves. What areas are to be worked on as a priority? Mavic Bright, personal development trainer, delivers her recipes in five keys.

“Stop complaining and go for it” could be Mavic Bright’s motto when speaking to women who want to take their careers back into their own hands. The entrepreneur, who delivers personal development training remotely, also advocates discipline, courage, and pugnacity.

What do you think are the keys to success? Between ego, limiting thoughts, goals, strategy, and motivation, the trainer delivers five areas to develop to boost your career.

Mute your ego

Our ego does not like annoyances, and especially not criticism. He therefore prefers not to take any risks, and not to try anything, simply out of fear. Fear of ridicule, fear of failure, fear of suffering, fear of being seen as a loser… The gaze of the other can often paralyze us. However, to move forward, you have to dare, even if it means being ridiculous at first. Many of those who have succeeded go through this box.

Demonstrate humility

Self-esteem is essential, but it does not preclude being humble. At work, humility consists of recognizing one’s weaknesses in a neutral way. This neutrality is essential to accept that these weaknesses do not define you, nor do they condemn you. It is “your responsibility to work on it”, underlines the coach.

Make confirmation bias work in your favor

Confirmation bias is the process by which the brain seeks proof of what it is convinced of in reality. It’s up to you to draw up your list of professional beliefs about yourself. Then, make it a point each day to look for at least one proof of what you have listed.

As the evidence adds up, your brain will start to believe it.

Be the one in command

For this, nothing beats the method of the two lists.

The first is what you want to achieve professionally in the next 12 months. It may frighten you, and seem difficult to implement.

This is why a second list (the one that mentions what you have already accomplished) is necessary in order to draw the parallel “between the skills that you had to mobilize and the way in which they could be used to achieve list 1 . »

Objectives: on the one hand to reduce his fear, and on the other hand to increase his capital of confidence.

Establish work goals

To do this, put your objectives in black and white in order of priority, specifying which ones can be achieved easily, which will take more time, in what time frame, which steps you have to go through…

Remote support to develop self-esteem and move forward

Mavic Bright, inspiring and enthusiastic, remotely supports women who want to improve their professional lives.

Its personal development program, in two formulas, is based on a yearly subscription and a series of tools: seminars, videos on self-confidence, worksheets, but also challenges to be met, and a plan of monthly action. Together, women can also follow group coaching, and find themselves on her Facebook group of “inspiring” women.

A whole program to develop self-esteem, and finally move forward!

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